More Jaguar XF details

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I am sure it is very nice.
But at least on the pictures, it does remind me of a Lincoln interior from the late 70’s…

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  1. I’m not seeing the 70’s Lincoln comparison at all. Is it the shape of the dash? Is it the color of the buttons? Or is it the tequila with beer chasers?


  2. Vince Burlapp said…

    it’s the Tequila…

    As long as you’re buying what you’ve been drinking, then a 70’s Lincoln it is! Cheers!

    Still, the more I see of this new Jag, the more I like. Sure, the rotating vents are a gimmick, and the entire design is a complete (if boring) departure from the old, staid Jags of past…but I’d rather have this than something the typical Benz/BMW sycophant would tell me I need.

    Maybe Jag is on to something.

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