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The sedan doesn’t look as good as the hatch or the wagon.
But that’s the one we’ll get.
Don’t beleive Mazda when they say they have a special model for the US. With a few trim changes, this is it.

White isn’t the best color, but that wood looks really cheezy inside.
Let’s hope that’s one of the changes in the US version…. (How about some of that “Mazda piano black instead)

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  1. Who will buy the Fusion after seeing this? and who in Ford figure that this designs and platforms only go to Mazda?

  2. YAWN. Bor-ing!
    What gives?
    This thing, from the back and sides, sort of looks akin to the Sebring!!!!!!!

  3. Douchebag, you may love American cars as much as you want, but saying this car is ugly is so ridiculous that nobody could take you seriously. It’s sort of trollish, if you ask me.

    Anyway, I agree with Vince that the sedan, while still very good looking, isn’t as good as the other versions. The C-pillar, which IMHO was one of the previous generation’s strongest styling details, is not quite as well resolved here. They had a dark blue wagon at the Frankfurt Motorshow (where these pics come from) that was stunningly beautiful.

  4. I hope you’re right about the NA version of the 6 being nearly identical. I can’t stand manufacturers who feel the need to dumb down their prodcuts for North America (hear me, Ford?).

    Mazda is crazy not to bring the wagon here, though. It won’t canabilise sales of CX-7 or -9: people who want SUVs have their minds made up and won’t look twice at the wagon. Those of us who can’t stand SUVs and won’t be caught dead in a minivan but still need space will be all over this car.

  5. The new Mazda 6 is a damn fine looking car, much better looking than any of it’s Japanese rivals. As far as the wood trim, I’ll reserve judgement until I see it in person (it is plastic after all), but in the photos it’s better looking than the plood in the new Accord, and especially better looking than the Camry’s piss-colored blindness-inducing plood.

  6. This Camry and Accord muncher can’t get here soon enough. It will obviously eat those 2 duds right up.

  7. I know we’re not getting the wagon in the USA, but are we getting the hatch? I hope so because I too think it’s much better looking than the sedan.


  8. David said…
    It does look like the sebring from the back.

    4:53 AM

    what is sad, people hate the Sebring styling, yet like this( it says Mazda, not Chrysler on it).
    Only the front end looks better, to me.
    Why waste 20K. Sebring’s can be had, with I-4(GEMA engines), for 15,500 with automatic.
    If you want a car that looks like that.
    If it says Japanese on it, it’s great, even if it is a three-quarters-looking Sebring , with a Ford Mondeo platfrom(watered down).
    Same if this were a Hyundai or Kia….it would get bashed, by some, due to it being S Korean.

    Anyhow, then nearest mazda dealership is 75 miles from here, so forget that nonsense( especially on warranty problems? Who wants to make 2 trips, totalling 300 miles, to get something fixed?) I don’t).

  9. The 6 MAY have some competition here in the near future. As we’ve seen in the other post Ford is coming out with a new version of the Fusion(and I’m hoping the Milan too). From what I’ve read on other sites there are supposed to be alot of improvements. I say it’ll be competion to the 6 because it’s a similar car and I think it’ll be much cheaper. As far as I’m concerned, if Mazda does’nt bring the hatch to the USA and if it’s overpriced(mid $30k), then I’ll be looking at a new Milan with similar options, and I’m willing to bet I can get it for about $3000 less. I would prefer the Mazda 6 hatchback though. It’s niiiiiiiccce! Anyway we’ll see.


  10. One more thing. If Mazda allegedly dumbs the 6 down too much for the USA (as the rumor goes), then I’ll just go for the Milan too.


  11. “Anyhow, then nearest mazda dealership is 75 miles from here, so forget that nonsense( especially on warranty problems? Who wants to make 2 trips, totalling 300 miles, to get something fixed?) I don’t).”

    Mazdas do quite well on reliability surveys… does Chrysler? I have a 2006 Mazda5 GT, with 34,4XX km on it right now and i have not had a single problem with it. It is hands down the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. My dad’s Chevrolet Cobalt on the other hand….

    Anyway, I really hope that Mazda brings over the 6 wagon, because I would be first in line to buy one. The sedan…. not so much. I need more trunk space.

  12. This car may have “similarities” to the Chrystler Sebring, but it doesn’t look “exactly” like the Sebring. The only resemblence to the Sebring is the basic shape of the tail lights. That being said, if the Mazda looked exactly like the Chrystler, I’d be puking in my fruit loops right now. However it does’nt, and as a result it the Mazda looks, BY FAR, better than the Sebring.


  13. I was going to like this car but that interior really pukes cheap!

    And what’s with late ’80s styled dash?


  14. So far, the hatch is NOT scheduled for the US.
    The current one has not been selling well here.

  15. OH VINCE! PLEASE SAY YOU’RE MESSING WITH US!!! NO HATCH FOR THE USA!?!? Well, NO HATCH…NO DEAL!!! I WON’T buy the regular sedan. As good of a car as it may be, I’d rather have a Milan and save $3000 and get similar options on an almost as good car. Big mistake Mazda, you lost my sale if you do this. And NO, I don’t want that waste of money CX-7. Well it looks like the auto industry is going to screw the USA over again! Thanks a lot Mazda…thanks a lot!


    P.S. Vince you do great work getting the latest info to us, but in this case I really hope you’re wrong.

  16. First of all, just because the tail lights sweep up as they round the quarter panel does not mean that the rear end of the bears any meaningful resemblence to the new Sebring. To say that is a HUGE stretch.

    And secondly, short of being totally hideous, which it certainly is not, the Mazda6 excels most at the driving experience. Drive one, and you’ll never compare it to a Sebring, or a Camry again. This is a good looking car, and like its predecessor, it will continue to be recognized as the best in its field for how well it drives. Can’t wait to see it in Mazdaspeed form.

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