More pictures of the new Honda Fit

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Coming here next summer as a 2009 model.

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  1. You really think the US spec model with have all the JDM goodies like the huge sunroof and maybe the keyless start system? I think I would be more interested in the Stream or CrossRoad since there is a little more creature comfort for your knees and AWD!

  2. Honda needs to replace the Element with the CrossRoad.

    I doubt the sunroof makes it to the States. Probably crash safety reasons.

  3. What are those tiny dust-catching “vents” on the steering wheel spokes where cruise control buttons should be?

    Jeez, Honda may very well have some of the ugliest steering wheels of current cars and trucks.

  4. I too don’t think we will get all the JDM goodies because of the price and its target audience. The same can be seen over at Toyota with its Scion line.

  5. Really. What is up with Honda steering wheels these days? Looks like something a 5 year old would draw.

  6. ugly in Japanese => 醜い

    The steering wheel does have a nice feel to it
    but very different look. I do give Honda credit
    for trying. Those spaces on the steering wheel
    would be where the radio and cruise control go.

    My day would be made if the Crossroad comes here
    since I am lost in choosing my next car. I am not sure if I want Mini or something more practical like the Rogue, but the Crossroad would be the better choice for me.

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