New 2009 Fusion this November???

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That’s what they say.
The revised 2009 model would be introduced at the L.A Auto Show in a little over a month.

It would include new front and rear designs as well as a brand new interior.
Engine choice will be a new 2.5 Liter (Also used in the new Mazda6) and finally the 3.5 Liter V6.

They claim a quiter, better riding car with much higher quality materials inside.

We’ll see. I’ll be there to report….

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  1. just when you tkids thought the new mazda had a fighting chance
    ford comes up with this bauty genius

  2. I rented one and thought it was a great car. The interior needed to be a little less harsh and the body although goodlooking seemed a little stiff looking. Guess people at Ford thought so as well.

  3. hey douche bag, i agree with u about ameerican cars having a fighting chance. but when it comes to u making any sense, ur a FRIGGIN IDIOT.

  4. The Ford Fusion is a good car that’s comfortable and drives nice. I like the Fusion’s look, though it could use improvements in the details. From what I’ve read, it certainly sounds like Ford is addressing that. The engine choices sound great, as do the interior improvements. I’m looking forward to it’s intro.

  5. If I don’t end up getting a Mazda 6 then I’ll probably get a Milan or, if it looks good a new Fusion. I am very much looking forward to seeing this car, and the Milan, when it comes out. Good luck Ford.


  6. Lots of improvements both inside and out. Including, from what I read, the twin force engine, new hybrid, new radio face(about freakin’ time), new center stack and more. I’m looking forward to seeing the new Fusion and hopefully Milan this November.


  7. Milan and MKZ will also get similar changes.
    But I think we might see tham later. Maybe Detroit and Chicago.

  8. liked the one i test drove last year. but it felt avg, to me. No better than a sonata or optima, to be honest( i do like the latter 2’s auto-manual shifters, though, better than a plain old automatic only ).

    Anyhow… even if the new one is nice, gotta talkthe spouse into liking Ford. The inlaw told us he had a 76 torino, and he saw the wheel, outside of the wheel well, in the side mirror(car was handling funny, making noises, he said). Long story short…(forgot the exact reason this happened)… he had it towed(no cell phones then, walked a mile to a farm house and called a tow truck)…and sold the thing shortly after fixing it.

    Who knows? if this is “good enough”(the changes), maybe we’ll try one….

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