New Buick LaCross with 5.3 Liter V8 video

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“really excited about it”
A bit of corporate BS, but not nearly as much as that Focus video I posted earler where the guy from Ford was asleep.

At least this guy looks like he knows something.
And the car isn’t bad.

But I doubt the timing is perfect for putting a V8 in a mid sized car. With FWD!
How many of these can they sell???

I would think Honda will sell many more 2009 Accord diesel. A car much more in tune with what the market demands…

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  1. Vince, the 08 Accord V6 2008 mpg is marginally better than the V8 LaCrosse, they both employ displacement on demand.

  2. this is pretty much the best money ca m=b uy
    look at the interior ofor god sake!!!!!!
    pretty amazing work plus you drive a buick which is aa legendary car instead od f a small box from toyota

  3. Can the hold the camera still for a second, watching that makes me sick to my stomach. I guess we know what happened to all the Jag S types front ends.

    Um… do so homework on diesel sales in the USA. And I am not talking about the jeans.

  4. That new front end is a major improvement. But its not enough to make me want to buy a LaCross.

    The Enclave on the other hand……

  5. Carl WTF are you talking about?
    2008 Accord V6 19/29 mpg
    2008 Lacrosse V8 16/24 mpg
    How the hell is 20% “marginal”. Care you explain yourself?

  6. I am happy to say that this project manager is at least honest. Listen to what he says about the “sporty appearance” of the vehicle. He does not confuse sporty appearance with actual sportiness.

  7. I agree, less coffee (or booze depending on how you look at it) for the cameraman. Nice car though and nice interior. Still crappy gas mileage and wasted power with the fwd (no traction). Would prefer the new, when it comes out, high feature v8 with 6spd manumatic and AWD. But hey, what do I know, I mean, silly me I think the Mazda 6 hatch would do well here in the USA also but according to Mazda I’m wrong so there you have it.


  8. my Buick dealership has gotten 2 in the last week. 1 of them has been sold already. so people are indeed in the market for a 300 hp fwd car.

    my only complaint is that it’s hard not to get the tires to spin. 😉

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