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  1. looks even better kids who want a good solid reliable american car wil eat that thing up

    i see a ber best sseller here again
    usa first

  2. Jones, you have the worst taste in the world
    and I would wish you would not blog on this site.
    I am serious. Your a Jerk off.

  3. i am an american man and wil not be insulted by kids
    my site is much better anyway with a real american taste

    you guys only like foreigh crap
    theyre is nothing wrong about bu american we are not the feel of thingd sd doent work
    w he what foruegn americ can cars are the best
    my mecanic in modeslto alwyas sayys fo ti

  4. jeeesh! the leather looks like it’s 10 years old and plastics look like the usual american fanfair. Outside is ok but looks more cheap than chinese stuff.

  5. Ok , the side profile isn’t quite as bad as when they show the front and the back. Guess all the ads should show the profile and hope people don’t notice the rest.

  6. Douchebag Jones is… well a douchebag.

    Look at the leather on the drivers seat. This vehicle is not competitive in the least. The Civic and the upcoming new Corolla will not even think of this as competition.

    This Focus will be a Fleet Queen.


  7. Because its simple…typical americans like to drive garbage, all they care about is how big the cupholders are,how mushy the suspesnion is and how bad the cheap plastic smells

  8. Okay, we need to start having video on this site. I’ll toss out one suggestion for a theme… “Car Crusher of The Day.” We’ll take the worst cars on sale today and make big squares out of them. Let’s start with this Focus.

  9. Vince, a contributor like Douchebag Jones lowers the tone of your outstanding blog and reduces the reader comments to the same level of adolescent banter that one sees from readers of

    Being in favor of domestic cars is not my own point of view, but I’ll defend the rights of others to uphold it. Douchebag, on the other hand, is just plain childish with his/her name-calling and irrational patriotism uber alles, in a column for people who love and share informed and respectful opinions about cars.

    Please use some discretion in the tone and civility of reader contributions and comments that you allow to be published on your blog.

  10. If you were able to read all the comments I get on this blog you would be amazed.
    The amount of sexual, racist or insulting comments made under the name “Anonymous” is simply amazing.
    The internet does bring the worse out of people.

    Jones is like an idiot boy scout compared to these.
    And many of his comments are indeed rejected.

  11. I can’t see what’s so attractive able this repulsive mess….

    But I do know that the couple looks better…..and I can’t stand most 2 doors vehicles.

  12. “Because its simple…typical americans like to drive garbage, all they care about is how big the cupholders are,how mushy the suspesnion is and how bad the cheap plastic smells”

    Thus why the Toyota Camry is the #1 selling car in the U.S……

  13. Ford is retarded, the whole rest of the world gets the real Focus, and we get this hideous piece of trash. they KNOW Americans want the Euro Focus, they just don’t care, Ford of NA thinks that being “good enough” is all we Americans need, and that’s all they’ll give us.

    That is Ford’s attitude, as long as it gets you from point A to point B, that’s all that matters, style, power, quality, etc. Not necessary!!

    This is why Ford is in the hole their in, and will continue to disappear and be the laughing stock of the automotive world..

    It’s very sad…

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