New Ford Focus Coupe

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On these pictures (or is it the color) I don’t think it looks as bad as some people think.

On the other hand, it does have an old Escort after taste. And I wonder how that plasticky silver dash looks and feels in real life…

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  1. better quality better dafety and better looking than the foreign competition
    t it has always been the american way

  2. It’s not terrible looking, but as far as under-$18K coupes go it’s competition is the Cobalt/G5, Scion tC, Civic coupe, and Tiburon; all of which, I think, look better.

  3. is it a hatch or a stubby coupe? i think someone said it before, why make a car with a trunk opening thats tiny when it could easily be made into a hatch? but then again this car WAS designed by the wonderful morons at fomoco

  4. The cut line that dominates the back 2/3rds of the car simply stops too soon at the trailing edge of the front quarter panel. It makes the car look like it has a different car’s front clip attached to it.

  5. Looks like the old Escort hatchback, or even worse…. Some chinese piece of junk.

    I would never, EVER buy this over a Civic and Ford is actually my favorite domestic.


  6. It’s amazing how Ford managed to transform the Focus into an old Escort. I guess the next Taurus redesign will turn that into an LTD.

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