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I would wait before getting that new Accord…

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  1. Beautiful car! Could you imagine Audi looks and driving dynamics conbined with Honda or Toyota reliability? But, then again, why manufacture and sell a perfect car….?

  2. This is a 2009, this will not be a 2008, also, the sedan is all that is coming to N/A, I wish the Wagon would come here. This and the Altima are the new segment leaders. Camry is old looking and boring and the Accord looks like a Hyundai in every feature.

  3. I agree that this
    is some nice little car. It looks so much better than what is out there and Mazda designs the nicest Japanese cars.

  4. The extior is quite sexy 🙂

    However, the interior is so boring and outdated–they can definitely do better than just one big Nav. screen with three huge round control knobs. The new Accord’s interior is so much better and more expansive-looking…

  5. Does Mazda realize that this might be the first time in car history that men like station wagons, perhaps more so than the typical 4 door sedan

  6. Whats with that background music? I like it… any hints?

    oh btw, nice car but enough to sway an accord buyer.. but will sell heck of a lot better than the rest except er camry…

  7. Honda or Toyota reliability?
    This one makes me laugh.
    Neither Honda & Toyota aren’t as reliable as they were 10 years ago.
    But as far as Mazda being reliable as the above, well, you might want to do more research

    Most reliable brands: Lexus, Porsche, and Buick.

  8. I hope they bring all three versions to Canada. The hatch looks so good. This is the class leader in the looks department, just ahead of the Altima.

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