Next Opel Vectra Interior

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Pretty much similar to the GTC concept from last year. As expected.

Our Saturn Aura is based on the current Vectra (although not similar), so we might get this one over here, or something really close, as a Saturn.

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  1. It looks very nice. The center stack looks good too, but it does look complicated. I don’t know…some ultra doofus yacking on the cell phone, drinking a latte and pushing all those buttons trying to change the radio station while road raging at 80 mph……yeah….that’s safe. Then again it might be easy to use, in which case with just the cellphone, latte and road raging, all is safe.



  2. The current Aura is based on the Vectra’s overal design but it resides on a different platform. I believe Lutz or someone from GM has already said that the next Aura will essentially be a rebadged Vectra. A good thing

  3. Actually the Saturn Aura looks nothing like the current Vectra (save for a similar front end), and both are built on GMs Epsilon platform. The next Aura will be very similar to the next Vectra.

  4. Toooooooo many buttons! Simpler is better, I have enough buttons on my many confusing remotes. Give me dial heater controls and a Fisher Price radio setup.

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