Nissan Altima convertible

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I am pretty sure this is the real thing.

Nissan has been working on a 4 seater convertible based on the Altima.
From this picture, it looks like it has a regular canvas top. The proportions don’t seem to indicate a hard top.
But who knows.

I like the Altima as a sedan, so a convertible can only look better.
With the Solara gone next year, this could be the only direct competition to the Sebring.

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  1. Looks like a G6 to me except that the G6 is more flowing/better looking. At least the Pontiac has a folding hard top! And the G6 DID win a comparo in Car and Driver last month.

  2. I was thinking the same thing…

    …it’s just the G6, Sebring, and the Altima out there…..

    *crickets over at Ford*

  3. I applaud Nissan offering a convertible Altima. Other than the disjointed looking Z, a convertible is conspicuously absent in the Nissan showroom. I know this is probably just a rendering, but the staid front-end design of the Altima doesn’t translate well into the convertible shown here. I’ll be interested in seeing how Nissan reworks the heavy-handed design of the rear of the Altima for the convertible. The design of the Sebring is grotesque. With the exception of the Mustang, the exterior design of the G6 vert appears to be much more athletic and clean compared to any of the mainstream competition.

  4. *crickets over at Ford*

    Well, if we’re not considering drive wheels, Ford does have the Mustang as a convertible coupe offering.

  5. Vince, I’m not so sure that this is a ragtop. If you look, you can’t see the top itself. This suggests that it’s a hardtop and the top is inside the trunk (or a special gap designed for it.)

    I’ve never seen a ragtop that totally hides away like that. Perhaps in some of the upper class BMWs or Mercedes, but most certainly not in a Nissan.

  6. Funny story, Vince… I was at the Nissan dealership near my friend’s tonight getting some info on the Altima coupe for my mother when I showed them the picture of the Altima convertible. They were shocked as they had never heard of it. They didn’t even know about the rumors!

    This was at Nissan of Coral Springs in Coral Springs, Florida.

  7. What an aweful looking car! To me, these midsized convertibles with their huge trunks are a flashback to the Caddies and Pontiacs of the sixties and seventies. Why is it that the 3 Series, A4, and Eos convertibles look so right and all these American and Japanese convertibles look so wrong?

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