Opel Aura?

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GM is thinking about changing the name of the Vectra to Aura, when the next generation is introduced in 2008.

So both the Saturn and the Opel version would have the same name.
The next Saturn Aura is supposed to be pretty much a straight rebadged verion of the Opel.
(does that mean it’ll be shorter? The current Aura is longer than the Vectra)

We’ll see…

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  1. I’ve heard Opel will call theirs Insignia. Who cares really, the car looks great and has a great interior too!

  2. If the next Vectrasigniaura looks even half as good as this Photoshop, it’ll be twice as good looking as the new Accord and on par with the upcoming Mazda 6.

  3. Unfortunately for GM the mazda6 is coming out in a few months. This thing won’t be stateside for 3+ years.

  4. The new Mazda 6 makes it’s US debut in the spring of 2008. Has little affect on the look of the new Vectra/Insignia/Aura.

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