Pontiac G8 video

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Seems like a lot of work for “just” a new front end.
(Compared to the original Holden model)

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  1. Once again we have a great looking car that was designed originally not for the USA, but for somewhere else. Why can’t american designers create the same type of cars with the same great looks as the rest of the world gets. Remember the 50’s when we did lead in development and STYLE. It is a shame.

  2. I think since after Vietnam the country has gone down the toilet as far as creativity. Apple Computers
    seems to be the only American company that is making its competitors both domestic and foreign sweat.
    Our auto industry is trying to make a comeback but yet Chevy, Buick and Chady lost their fame when German and Japanese companies took off in the 70s and Iccoca told them to build their cars here. And when they did US auto industry still didn’t understand the wake up call.
    Not even GM or any of the American car company
    execs really care about America. Labor is being outsourced and it is really sad. Japanese firms are also outsourcing their labor, but still a very high percent of Japanese cars in Japan are still built there.

  3. Greaaaaat…when it hits the market it will look like a 3-year old BMW. In other words another generic clone-mobile totally absent of individual style. Pontiac used to have style and excitement. And that name! G8 is a summit, NOT a car name. What happened to Bonneville, Catalina, LeMans?! Wait I have the perfect name for this one…Yawnaville.

  4. This is a very nice car that probably drives well and goes like stink, but I just don’t see it being a huge sales success. The hood scoops are a bit too NASCAR/redneck looking for such a handsome car.

  5. Kinda white trash looking, like something Camaro/Firebird drivers aspire to own. Dated looking, too.

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