Saab 9.3 Turbo X

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Saabs squeezes 300hp ot of their 2.8 Liter V6 Turbo motor, adds AWD and calls the whole thing “Turbo X”.

So there you go…

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  1. Hey Vince,
    for some reason Saab decided to cut the hp back to 280 hp. Not sure why, 300 hp is the “magic number” for a performance model nowadays.

  2. Not drive them anymore?? Uhh, try visiting the Northeast and anywhere in New England. Every third car is a Saab. For good reason, they’re sporty in the warm weather and great in the snow.

    I love the redesigned 9-3 and this new all wheel drive system, according to the tests by all the car magazines, is considered the new standard in all wheel drive. Sweet!

  3. The 9-3 is based on the GM Epsilon platform, so Subaru has nothing to do with this car. Subaru only made the 9-2x.

  4. I’ve always liked SAABs. But over the past ten years they’ve been passed up by Volvo on the shortlist of most people considering understated upscale vehicles. We can blame it on the Saabs desire to appeal to Birkenstock-wearing earth mothers who don’t care about performance,as well as the bastardization of the SAAB brand with SAABlazers and SAABarus. On paper at least, THIS car looks like it’s highly competitive. Fingers crossed for SAAB. Volvo might want to reconsider offering their R performance models again.

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