Slight revisions for the Mazda5

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Why even bother…

The 5 looks nice the way it is.
Maybe it needs something ,(like a choice of interior colors, a bigger engine etc…) but not new lights and bumbers. Not really…

One of these good cars that doesn’t sell very well in the US. Too bad…

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  1. I actually think it looks better….but I’ve always been a headlight/taillight person….I couldn’t stand the waste of space in the old taillights….

  2. One of these good cars that doesn’t sell very well in the US. Too bad…

    It doesn’t suck enough gas for fat ass Americans. No, they need to haul 2000 lbs. and tow 10,000 on their commute to the office every day.

    At one time, a minivan was just that…a mini van. Then someone deemed that they all had to carry the almighty 4×8 sheet of plywood and a 1st grade soccer team.

    Mazda created a fine little hauler but tried to sell it to the wrong market. Kind of like selling salads and fruit at Taco Bell.

  3. IMO, it does not sell well here because it misses the target audience. People with kids who really need to use all three rows find there is no luggage space for baby stuff plus there is no rear vent ducts! They might as well spend a couple of thousand dollars more and get a real minivan. People without kids or just two or less kids wouldn’t be caught dead driving a van (why do you think cuvs and suvs sell so well).

    Moreover, gas price is still relatively cheap as compared to other markets. These mini-minivans do well overseas because of the high gas price and their birth rate is falling.

    I think Mazda should have brought back the redesigned MPV instead.

  4. The Mazda5 gets rear air vents in 2008, plus a bunch of other improvements. I drove the 2007 and really liked it…. handles better than many sports sedans including my Maxima SE….. plus they addressed my biggest issue which was the color of the leather interior. But can not get a 5 speed manual with the Grand Touring package… Oh yes — the new tail lights look worse than last years IMO….

  5. Those tail lights, awful! I would buy one if it had more leg room for the driver. One more inch and you would see me in one.

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