Suzuki Kizashi 2 Concept

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Quite a mouthfull…

Suzuki claims this concept gives us a clue as to what their next sedan will look like.
Sure, it would be nice. But, as usual, don’t holf your breath…

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  1. this car confuses me, why doesn’t suzuki just build one of their concepts instead of making more?

    anyway, just checked the suzuki website out, and i was surprised to see the sx4 sedan on sale. true, its ugly and will probably have horrible resale values, but i kind of like it. i dont need awd, it has more space than a civic, the top of the line model costs just $250 more than a civic dx, and my neighbors don’t drive one.

    vince, you should do another test drive thing sometime soon

  2. I find that naming the SEDAN the SX4 SPORT comical…’s usually the other way around when it comes to hatch/sedan combos…

  3. the first concept (minus front end) looked better. It was more car-like, not as much CUV-like.

    Oh well.
    The sx4 sedan is decent, except:
    1) the rear seats don’t fold, due to a bar that supposed makes the frame more rigid for sporty handling(what i was told)….and no center console(why not?) at any price.
    So, minus the airbags, abs, and 143HP..we have a car akin to something out of folding seats, no armrest(console), etc.. for more money? Why?

    2) Rumors(dealership) said there will be a 3rd SX4 version, either spring or fall of 08…. a FWD hatch(based on the car)…so, who knows what that will be like?

    3) where does aall this leave the Reno/forenza, since they are similar in size, (*although GM-DAT cars, they have more features, consoles/fold down rear seats, etc, the new SX4’s don’t have..again, why?) but the SX is more powerful..what’s the deal? Suzuki did not gain sales until they had these reno/forenza deals(make up about 40-50 % of their total sales, iirc).

    Suzuki has the right idea, sort of…but even tuners like cars with decent interiors/features( see Scion tC, Mazda3, etc).

    The inlaws sx4 cuv is about 12 days from 1 year old…and is great, but it’s still not what I care about.

  4. I looked up thr SX4 sedan, and MSRP is 17,599, but had no information about it.
    It was 17288 on the site I looked it up( maybe 310 over dealers invoice).
    Seems Suzuki is getting money hungry…like Hyundai did… and Hyudnai lost some sales due to this,and they claimed it was the Won vs Dollar differences that raised prices sooo much.
    I dunno.
    They sold, for the first time ever, over 100,000 units last year, and appear ot beat that record, but at these prices…. with new Corolla/Matrix/possible 3 door sporty Corolla(probably same msrp..but more HP and MPG, among other items)…the Civic, Mazda3…
    what gives? Greed, perhaps? Have less(*interior) content than a reno, and more on the msrp( aren’t these assembled in Europe somewhere, and msrp is supposed ot be lower< because of this, liek the CUV SX4 is?). I have the link, but it would be free advertising for the place selling the cars(on east coast).
    so, I won’t post it…but the cars are coming out, and what shocks , and irritates me the most, is, no AWD, (really, all they did was tweak it some, and add a trunk)…and it cost about 2-3K more than the CUV?

    When this was mentioned (this sedan( earlier this year).. it was rumored to cost LESS than the AWd version(for obvious reasons, liek no AWD/dual clutches vs a slightly longer car, with fwd only)….
    it was to be less costly than a cuiv sx4 by a few hundred…not happeneing.
    If Suzuki wants market share… for the next 5 years… it’s called”LOWER YOUR PRICES”….. even on this kazashi(verona replacement).

    You can’t go from “cheaper than kia or hyundai in prices” , to toyota/mazda/honda(etc) like prices in 2-3 months.
    It’s crazy, imho.

    If this had a sun/moonroof, center console/folding rear seats, and still “tuneable”…. yeah, 17K would be ok.
    for this price ,you can get a Civic with cruise, similar HP, better MPG(unless tuned),
    a Scion tC for not much more, and similar mpg, but , moonroof, better stereo(from what I heard), console, mp3(for no extra /options), cruise, abs, 3 door HATCH, and around 17 more HP, and a 2.4 L I-4 vs this what, 2.0, or 1.8 L I-4?

    Stupidity+ Greed = No Sales to me.

    Good cars, but at this price range,, there are many better selections.


    top model, 17,399(before shipping).

    Similar to Civic, Scion tC, Mazda 3, as mentioned before, ALL better cars…. and in the tC, and mayeb the 5 door Mazda3(?) you can use the hatch to haul stuff.
    I use my tC to haul my men’s 27 inch bike, to trails and such, w.o any problems.
    This new Sedan? No. Seats dont even fold, and i do not care for a bike rack on the back, or the bike hanging out 1/2 way, truck tied down, on a fairly expensive bike, for a 15 mile drive.

    Suzuki’s smokin’ something, and it ain’t common sense!

    As mentioned earlier: No fold down rear seats… no type of sun/moonroof( these are fairly popular options, or even std equiptment these days, on some small cars), It’s a 1991 SE-R( is it as fun?), with a 93 Altima-like-looking body(even the Altima had a ski/rug pass through thing, from the trunk into the car, the first time I heard of such a thing).
    Minus the extra airbags( drivers had them in the early 90’s), abs, …
    this is about 13 years too late to the game, perhaps?
    The SE-R had what, 140HP..
    no fold down seats( did have sunroof, iirc, if you wanted to pay for it, maybe ..can’t recall 100%) hatch options…
    lol..I am just shocked.
    Charging Toyota prices here..(Scion)..but Scion is easy to find…Suzuki dealerships…not so easy.
    The measurements have it maybe larger than the Forenza…
    This is just confusing what they are trying to do, out of the blue… become Nissan-lite, or Mitsubishi-lite?
    Sporty, Japanese, tuner cars, but charging prices they shouldn’t( not until they hit maybe 200-300,000 units sales per year, and resale matches Mitsu, even).

    I had hopes, after seeing them undercut all makers on the awd/fwd CUV sx4…. to undercut the others by 1,500, at least(due to the lack of many options others have, for same price as this thing, sx4 sedan)…
    I bet they bring out this concept, for 20K to start,w ith nothing on it, where you can get a LX Sonata (V6, leather, everything) on sale, for 20K.

    What’s next? Chevy selling the Aveo for starting price of 15K, up to 18K(similar idea, to me, how Suzuki expects people to say no to Civic for same price, or tC, or any other car).
    May be better than the Focus or Cobalt…..but that’s about it.
    31MPG? 143HP? 0-60 in what, 9 seconds? Maybe?
    Cobalt does better in MPG, at least.
    What gives?
    first, we find out the cool Astra(Saturn) 3 door will run 20-21K with automatic, and a few options, now this car, that shouldn’t be over 16K tops, nearly 17,500? No.

    Hoping Corolla 3 door is not a rumor(with tC engine)..
    for 09, in USA…..
    I’d take 158HP, 2.4L over 143HP, 2.0L car.( and rumored 5 speed automatic vs 4 speed in this, simialr msrp… ) sorry to whine, or cry… but Suzuki’s gone if they think this will help them get the 250,000 sales per year by 2010, or whatver their weird new goal is( it was either 500,000 units or 1 million, in 04… they trimmed it back…may be back to 90,000 units per year, if they sell Kia-quality..decent…. cars, at Toyota/Honda pricing… won’t work…not now, anyway).

  6. one last cry…and i’ll quit, abotu the sx4 sedan:
    where’s the 6 or 8 way (height/etc) adjustable seats? They do NOT have them!
    Civic does,(iirc), Lancer does, tC does, other little sporty cars from 16-18K do…what gives?
    Again… this isn’t 1991, Suzuki.
    If this thing were 15K loaded as is…yeah…but not at 17,399( and maybe over 18,000 with shipping charges).
    Good Luck.
    Hope you folks @ Suzuki use your brains, and don’t got nuts on your midsized sedan replacement, and overprice it higher than a similar Fusion, Optima, Sonata, Etcetera..
    that’s not the way to hit 500,000 sales by 2010. Styling helps, but if people can get more for their money elsewhere… most times, they tend to go where the most of the money gets them.


    82,000 units sold, slightly ahead of record settig 2006 sales.

    Article says(some Suzuki talking head)… “as Sport sx4 comes out,a nd holiday season approaches, mor epeople will buy the great VALUE Suzuki”(something like this).

    I say good luck, especially with a car at Civic prices, and less content than a Hyundai Accent.

    Also, notice the sales chart.. the Reno/Forenza(despite sales down 10% for the year on these cars)… is still Suzuki’s BULK of sales… over 33%….
    and they want to ditch those for these sx4’s?
    I have heard 2 rumors about Reno/Forenza:
    1) They will be repalced by slightly larger versions, new, from GM-DAT(with slightly more help from Suzuki, on the engineering side of things), as 09’ be larger than the sx4 sedan, smaller than the new midsized car soming out(?).
    2) The Reno/Forenzas will slowly be phased out over the next 1-2 years, and SX4’s only to replace them.

    I wish Suzuki would just show GM-DAT how to build a good car, for once….and sell an updated Reno…. I’d buy one, if it were on par of other Suzuki-built vehicles, but not as costly as say the Elantra,Corolla, and so on.

    I do recall the Reno was 16-17K loaded a 2 years ago…but then prices more sold….
    by 1-2 K.
    Like the Reno design/interior/hatch versatility, BUT… needs a few more MPG, faster 0-90(at least on par of the CVT Versa SL…9.5 seconds to 60, vs 10.5-11 seconds)and just better NVH.
    What they using, old GM engines in this thing?

    If prices go nuts, content doesn’t..I’ll stick with Hyundai.Kia or Toyota.

    Crazy…want to dump the cars that got them to the 100,000+ sold threshold, finally, after 22 years…roll-eyes.They just need to grow alittle in size(slightly larger than the sx4)…and tweak the “problems” the old model has/had.
    And bring them soon.

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