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Pretty interesting video.
Makes you think….

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  1. Ok, so one modern small car, optimized for this particular test, came out better than an older, larger car under a very limited, controlled set of circumstances.

    Certainly doesn’t prove “small cars are safer” or any nonsense like that. I’ll still take my BIG ’06 Mercedes anytime.

  2. This has nothing to do with an 06 Mercedes.
    It’s just comparing new small cars with new safety technology to older larger cars.

  3. I guess a “57 Chevy would be even more of a wreck
    if it had to battle with a new Civic, right?

    Isn’t that guy from Braveheart? You know the guy who played Angus? lol. Actually his latest role was the one
    eyed (other fake) in Harry Potter, but this guy can pass for a younger version with all the hair.

  4. Seemed like sensationalist patter to me. “The person you care most about”, yada yada. That Volvo held up pretty damn well.

  5. They should really be comparing two modern cars. One would think this is a slap in the face for Volvo being that Volvo’s have always been know for safety. One day we will take the British seriously.

  6. I had no doubts new tech would prove safer. In the US though, we have teenagers on celphones driving Escalades and Suburbans which makes this the most dangerous country for driving. I’d rather ride a train through a flooded ravine in India.

    If I had the power, I would limit regular licensed drivers to a specific weight for vehicles and restrict heavier vehicles to commercial use drivers or drivers who undergo more challenging testing.

    Take the Modus against a ladder frame SUV in the US, and the results would be slightly different, I guarantee.

  7. Nissan wins again, the chassis that worked so well here in the modus, is the same as the nissan tiida in europe and the Nissan Versa here, way to go NISSAN!

  8. Volvos are and always were garbage. they fudged a safety demonstration on a TV ad in the 80’s, when a monster truck barelled over a bunch a cars and only the Volvo was not crushed. Why?, you say, not because it was better built, but because they built a wooden structure inside the car! now, how do you like volvo for their honesty and safety…..and now they are built by ford….volvo is a thing of the past. I bet not many people knew or remember the big Volvo controversy over that ad.

  9. What are some of you smoking!?

    The test was to simply demonstrate a cheap, old large car against a new more expensive small car…

    Nothing more or less, they even explained that!

    The outcome is larger older cars aren’t any safer than new smaller cars…simple…

    We all know if they tried a new renault vers a new Volvo who would be better off.

    It’s relative to the aim of the test, many off you it would appear missed the point completely!

  10. Wrong Volvo got in trouble because they cut roof pillars on all non vlovo cars and left there volvo cars a b c d pillars intact then drove a monster truck over all the cars and wala the volvo cars fared better cause they werent rigged to be crumpled….
    They were forced to stop the ads and got fined a measly 10k

  11. Jeez, you guys are just too clever for your own good. What’s being presented here is pretty simple: don’t assume that a big older car (even a Volvo) will protect you better than a small newer car. Or more accurately, size doesn’t matter when it comes to safety. This is not a comment on french cars being better, Volvos being deathtraps or anything else. It’s pretty simple. But in all your infinite wisdom you guys jump straight to what the hidden agenda is or how it’s rigged. Thats ok, I guess as long as you never believe anything, you’ll never get fooled.

  12. “Or more accurately, size doesn’t matter when it comes to safety.”

    Whoa, whoa, whoa. Size most certainly does matter when it comes to saftely. The point is size isn’t all that matters when it comes to safetly.

    When safetly technology is equal, a bigger car is most certainly at an advantage. If you put a big 5-star car against a little 5-star car, the big car is going to come out on top. However this shows that the advantages of newer/better safety technology far outweigh the advantages of size. A little 5-star car beats a big old 1 or 2-star car.

  13. Some of you guys should really check out especially mr Douchbag jones so you can see that the unsafest cars in most categories are the american cars and the safest are the germans, swedes and was no surprise to me that the renault won, modern cars have become very safe…Older cars were thought the be safe depending on size which is no longer the case today..

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