Toyota iQ Concept

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Maybe that’s what they are working on as their competition to the Smart car.
Toyota is seriously thinkng about bringing a “smaller than Yaris” 2 seater in the US.

We’ll see…

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  1. a thing this small is perfect for running errands in the city

    whatever engine choice, it’ll be economical due to its size & weight.

    I say, use a 700cc gas engine + 30HP electric motor – that could do 80+ MPG 🙂
    Make it pluggable hybrid and it’ll do 100MPG +

    one can only dream!

  2. I think it is a great idea but they should hold their plan for the u.s. market. sit and wait to see how the smart is doing. i doubt it will be a success here since big suvs still rule the road here 🙁

    a hybrid version would be too expensive and not cost-effective for a microcar in this class. a diesel would be a more logical choice.

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