VW Passat “Coupe”

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Let’s hope they find another name for it. Even though it is based on the Passat, it isn’t a coupe.
Just like the CLS isn’t one either.
It is a very slick sedan. And maybe the best looking VW ever.

If they don’t price it too high in the US, it could be a really nice alternative to something like the Acura TL.
With much more style and personality.

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  1. Looks French with all that damn front overhang. And let’s not call a sedan a coupe. It’s idiotic when Benz does it, and it’s just as stupid when VW does it.

  2. Vince,

    Coupe and Sedan refer to the interior volume of a car and not to the number of doors on the frame. That’s why you can have a four-door coupe or a two-door sedan. If anyone should know this, you should!

  3. Sigh…
    Of course people like it. I saw pics of this in AutoWeek a week ago and knew exactly what was under the camouflage.

    It’s a Chrysler/Dodge Concord/Intrepid/LHS!

    Yes, it’s sleek, but so were those cars-the epitome of cab-forward design. I hope they don’t try to push this style as new and innovative…

    It comes nowhere near the CLS, by the way (though it does look more practical).

  4. “If they don’t price it too high in the US, it could be a really nice alternative to something like the Acura TL.
    With much more style and personality.”

    It will be a nice alternative to the TL if you prefer an overpriced less reliable vehicle that gives the image that you are a super liberal crunchy granola eating hippie.

    This vehicle will surely be priced high, more than it is worth.


  5. From Webster:
    “Main Entry: cou·pé
    Variant(s): or coupe /kü-‘pA, 2 often ‘küp/
    Function: noun
    Etymology: French coupé, from past participle of couper to cut, strike
    1 : a four-wheeled closed horse-drawn carriage for two persons inside with an outside seat for the driver in front
    2 usually coupe : a 2-door automobile often seating only two persons; also : one with a tight-spaced rear seat “

    It has nothing to do with interior space.
    If it did, all subcompacts would be considered coupes, and theu’re not.

    A coupe is a 2 door car.
    “coupe” means “cut”. As in cutting 2 doors off.

  6. If you want to PAY for that image – Fine – I’ll tell you where to send the check! Otherwise, please REMOVE that image at once. Thank you.
    Brenda Priddy & Company / Automedia

  7. Coupe means cut, but they’re not talking about the doors, they’re talking about the interior volume in the back seats. I suggest you look up SAE standard J1100 which defines a coupé as a fixed-roof automobile with less than 33 ft^3 of rear interior volume. The same goes for sedan. If a vehicle has more than 33 ft^3 of rear volume, even if it has two doors, it’s still considered a sedan.

    I didn’t write the rules, I just point people to them and say, “see, I told you so!”

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