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I think this one looks pretty close. Maybe a bit too low to the ground for a production car.

VW had announced earlier this year they would not import the next Scirocco to the US.
Being afraid of it competing with the GTI. But I have also heard since about US dealers complaining about this bonehead decision.

So we might get it after all.

I really like the 2 door wagon look. Chevy was supposed to have a Solstice based Nomad by now. A similar idea.
I guess they gave up on that one….

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  1. looks great, let’s hope VW manages to deliver this as is and not change it into something we don’t wan’t…

  2. For some reason I see too much “Golf” in this design…the earlier model was a bit MORE cosmetically different from the Golf…

  3. I don’t like this as much as the first two generations of the Scirocco that had a large sloped glass rear window. This looks more like a 2-door wagon GTI than a sporty hatchback. I like the idea of a new Scirocco. But this, not so much.

  4. I guess they will elevate the chassis for American buyers as they did in the Golf GTI series.
    There might be other changes to make it less Golf like, but I dont have a crystal ball. If I did I would have a room full of nice women and Vince would be knocking
    on my door.

  5. I don’t get this car, looks way too much like a GTI, and nothing like a proper Scirocco or the impressive IROC concept. No wonder VWoA doesn’t want to sell this in the states. I also agree with the 92-95 Civic hatch comment, it’s like a reincarnation!

  6. This car doesn’t have half the looks of either of the other 2 Sciroccos. You’d think after having all this time to work on it, it’d be more appealing.

  7. very disapointed, i was expecting to see a coupe like hatch like the original, this is just a long sleek hatchback, kind of a lowered version of the gti, dont see the point of it…They have a popular hot hatch why make another one instead for once they can make a real sports coupe!

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