VW “Up!” concept

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The “real” VW is back. With a stupid name.

It doesn’t look like a Beetle, but it is closer to the original than the current new Beetle.
A small inexpensive car with the engine in the back.

No word on engines yet, but production is very likely. And it should make it in the Us as well.
That would mean that finally VW would have something smaller and cheaper than the Golf/Rabbit over here.
And it looks cool. Like something people would actually want to own.
A true 21st century small car.

Great news.

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  1. It does look nice and interesting but I hope it ain’t
    a glorified Lupo or something already in stock.
    The original VW Bettle was called the KDF(Kraft Durch Freude) or Strength Through Joy. The concept shown here might have a better name yet.
    I also hope they bring back the VW Bus…

  2. It looks like it has its own platform. It is rear engine.
    Nothing like the Lupo, or anything else they have now.

  3. the front “bumper” and rear glass hatch remind me of the peugeot 107. is there any sort of connection between the two?

  4. the back end/all that glass…. No Thanks. And smaller than the Rabbit? This is still North America this thing may be sold in, correct?
    Yes, subcompacts are selling, but a VW Subcompact? It’s not the 60’s and 70’s anymore.
    Cars (the size of what we used to call Compacts about a decade ago) like the Yaris sedan, for example(over 14 ft in length, correct?)…
    are what’s selling.

    The interior looks excellent, and the front end is ok, but the rest?
    I don’t know.
    Someone might buy it, but as far as making VW as big of sellers as they were(300,000+ units per year, iirc, which would put them past Kia and BMW right now), I don’t think it’ll happen, not with just something like this.

    Try a car the size of the Jetta, for 18K, loaded like the Sonata, or even Ford Fusion, then I’ll look @ VW again.

  5. 907 PM are you seriously that naive. There are many more markets in the world other that the US. This is much more likely for europe where gas is very expensive and parking space a premium.

    And american’s wonder why the rest of the world think that they are ignorant.

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