2008 Jaguar X-Type

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Looks like there is a new bumper and a new grille.
And inside, the seats at door panels have been redesigned. The dash gets new trims.

I just hope it gets a better engine too. Like the 3.5 Liter found in the cheaper MKZ.
I drove the X Type a few times before and really liked it. But the 3.0 Liter is just OK, not bad but not great.
You want something smoother in a Jag.

A fine car that needs better details. But it looks like these improvements are too late.
Nobody even thinks of this car anymore…

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  1. Ouch. It looks like they put some serious (desperate) effort into touching up the X-Type but Vince is right, its too late.

    Jaguar is learning the wrong things from ford (ie: the Focus) by keeping cars on the road for longer than their marketable lifespan.

    The end result is, they would have been better off in the long-run to simply phase out the X-Type, protect the brand’s image from being thought of as stodgy or old, and put those resources that went into the touch-up job into a new redesign.

  2. I think that Jag has to be one of the car companies with the worst decision making in history. The idea to make a small entry level car is great, look at BMW, but, the car itself was never a good product. They should have bit the bullet and gone back to the drawing board immediately, just like with the big jag. That should have been reskinned ASAP. Now it will be sold, and hopefully the new owners have a better vision.

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