2009 Chevrolet Camaro

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Testing in Australia.

And looking really close too last year’s concept. Great.

I can’t wait to see that car….

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  1. As expected, the mirrors are bigger. However they still work with the design.

    Too bad we can’t get a look at the interior or even the B-Pillar.

  2. too bad for thr moron trying to hug the car so we cant se it what is wrong with tis guyy?????
    othervise it looks great

  3. It just seems like a car designed for middle-aged, middle-class men trying to relive their youth. And that’s fine, but it comes across like the now-defunct Thunderbird in that mission.

    Viagra is cheaper.

  4. I be stealin dis here cah.

    Not to worry. The middle-aged white men you’d be stealing from will have more insurance than a loser like you could ever dream of.

  5. OUCH!!! After concentrating for a while at this picture it almost seems like we are looking at more of a 3rd generation hatchback Camaro, than the prototype 5th generation we have all anticipated!

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