2009 Hyundai Sonata

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What a huge improvement over the current model.
To me, the only thing “wrong” about the Sonata was the interior.
This looks like it might turn out to be one of the best looking interior in its class.

Would this make it even harder on the new Malibu?

I will be driving thr new Chevrolet in a few weeks and I’ll tell you all about it.

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  1. Hard to say from this picture.

    I think every single car made today should have that feature. How much can it cost…

    I also think every single car should have Bluetooth standard. Since it seems about 99% of all new cell phones have it.

  2. Wow! Big improvement over the old interior. Real nice. And yeah this will give the new Malibu and others a run for their money. I also hope they gave it better fuel economy.

    John M.

  3. Along with the revised and re-designed exterior and interior, it has been rumored that a 5 spd auto for the 4 cyl models will be available as well as more horses for the 6 Cyl models.

    Look for modest gains in overall fuel economy but yet remain very comeptitive.

    This interior should do what the current model hasn’t done. Drive sales up. In my opinion Hyundai has now addressed what was the weakest part of the Sonata.

    Hyundai seems to have done a great job getting this interior right. Well done.


  4. If Vince will allow me to post this info:
    Go to(you have to join to read it) hyundaiexchange.com… there are also some exterior spy shots, and a (supposed) list on improvements posted already.
    This site has about an 85% “correct guesses” on here, all the time, for new stuff coming out.

    More Powerful(NEW, not just tweaked) I-4 and V6 engines.
    Better MPG in both versions.
    New Interior.
    Blue lighting for dash.
    Azera-like front end.
    5 speed Auto-Manual( not automatic only…that’s other makers, unless you pay top dollar..Hyundai’s are all models, when you get automatic…they are auto-manual shifters,which is a good thing).
    The 5 speed auto-manual has been in the Optima for nearly 18 months now… on their I-4’s.
    2006.5 and 07 models.
    A few other items, but I forget….you can find the list on hyundaiexchange.com.

    Yes, this is excellent.
    I have an 04 GLS V6..and at nearly 50,000 miles.. it’s great, except slighly low mpg( 24-26 hwy, tops was 28.1, all hwy, one time, all cruise, all day).

    I wish they would bring a diesel( heard 2010, not sure) now. A 40 MPG Sonata would be excellent.

    If they can get th eI-4 up to 32-34 MPG hwy(now 2008 rated 30 MPG )…
    and more HP in the I-4( maybe 173HP ,would be nice, like the GEMA engine in the Sebring).. yeah… that would suffice( maybe 9-9.5 seconds to 60…vs 10.5 or so now).
    Nice car.
    Heard this will be released , early, as an 09, in March of 2008(a short 2008 MY/selling year,for the Sonata).

    A coupe would be cool, or a 5 door like the Mondeo(someone mentioned a wagon would be nice).

    Sorry 2 digress… this will do.
    If MSRP’s don’t shoot up too much.

  5. Vince Burlapp said…
    Thanks for all this info.
    I never heard anything bad about the new Sonata.

    October 17, 2007 7:56 PM
    Yes, I test drove the 2006. Not bad at all(except as you had stated, the interior…especially the center stack area).
    It was a good car, other than this.
    Some were saying the Sonata wasn’t selling due to higher MSRP the past few months, due to differences in currencies.
    Some said it was the interior.

    I recently saw a (the paper said) GLS V6, cloth seats( do not think it had a sunroof, can’t recall, it’s been 2-3 weeks), new(they had a few, on sale, 07 clearance sale), for $13,995(automanual)!
    I got my 04 GLS V6, with sunroof, for $14,995, 3+ years ago.

    So, I dunno…probably the interior,among other things(whatever they are).

    Yes, Vince, you are welcome(about the info).
    I look forward to seeing them in person , next Spring(I hope!)… and a test drive will definitely be in order.

    Like I stated earlier, I like the 04 Sonata, but the new ones are nicer handling, and more MPG(and should get better MPG, and handling..forgot that one..think, iirc, the site said Improved handling, and NVH…iirc, over the 08).

    Looking forward to your Malibu test(vs Sonata, now, and maybe 09 version, too).

    Have a good one.

  6. Vince Burlapp said…
    Thanks for all this info.
    I never heard anything bad about the new Sonata.

    October 17, 2007 7:56 PM

    PS: You are right. I was sort of grumbling about 2008 new EPA rating of 30MPG for the Sonata(I-4)….when I looked around, others are on par of this MPG/I-4 .
    28-31MPG is the range, it appears.
    (which should improve for 09 model…. 15 years ago, someone would have said we’d have gasoline family sedans, the size of large cars-EPA-now, getting 30, or more, MPG.. I might have laughed).
    Have a good one.

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