2009 Mazda3

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Not sure how real this is, but it looks great.

I thought it would be hard to improve on the current model, but this one does it.
And Mazda interiors are much better and more modern than they were 4 years ago.

This should be great.

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  1. Vince,

    This looks great, infact I was a little wowed. But sadly this is just a photoshop cause the reflection in the foor of the wheels and of course the vehicle colour doesn’t match.

    Too bad, but I’m sure the car whatever it is will look great.

  2. You can see the reflection of the Mazda MX-Crossport (CX-7 concept) in the reflection of the floor. Its a (very good) rendering/photoshop

    Grtz Matt

  3. Wow – a much improved 5-door. I always preferred the sedan to the 5-door but this is really improved!

  4. Second thought, are you sure this is not the CX-5?
    We all know the Mazda Tribute will vanish soon….

  5. LOVE IT! Hard to top the current model, but this looks like a nice evolution of design for the 3.

    Mazda is making a new name for itself with good cars, good designs, and good interiors. Maybe Ford’s money has been good for the brand.

  6. Mazda has come out with some very appealing designs in the past 4 years. The upcoming 6 and this 3 series seem to continue on the same path. This 3 series is like eye candy.

  7. If Mazda ever decides to build a 3 door version, a Scion tC fighter… I’ll definitely consider a Mazda 3.

  8. Freska_psaria,
    This Maz3 will look great, in Australia, the nos shape looks like the great white sharks, we have down Under, all you need is a fin and tail it will suit the bill.

  9. Ive already talked to my Mazda dealer about the 2009 3 Hatchback. If it looks this good , I might trade 2006 3/5 door.

  10. deff not the new 09 mazda 3. i already got one ordered. if this is it, then i’m deff not going to be happy.

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