2009 Nissan Murano

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Nissan has already said the new Murano will not have a 3rd row seat.
So it shouldn’t be that much bigger.

I really hope they don’t mess this one up. The current model is still one of the best looking thing on the road.

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  1. yes, we have done a great job of hiding it like the last one. it has every tool to beat “Anything” that we compared it heavily against in the lexus and Acura lineup. our tests have been exhaustive and we are confident that this is the best vehicle of its kind anywhere on the planet….I’m so excited for everyone to see it soon!

  2. I can’y wait to see it, how could a second generation murano not be incredible, I was working at a honda store when the last one first came out in Colorado. We were honestly shocked and in awe and Honda would not do a ride and drive for us with it. The Honda factory rep. told me that it was that good!. I am now at a Hyundai store but secretly love this thing, I am excited to see the new Murano BIG TIME!

  3. Nissan Spyking.. your such a tool. if you’ve seen the new Murano, tell me what the front end looks like.. I’ll know if your lying or not.

  4. many peopletold me the the samething, who claimed work for Nissan, that, its great looking vehicle

  5. It’s spelled Warhol and you are allowed to express your opinion, although this will revolutionize new vehicle style as the original Murano did, Stop and think how many vehicles tried to copy the “up – swoop” rear 3/4 c-pillar, as we call it. Subaru, mazda, the new vibe, some new jeeps etc……and may I take this opportunity to thank all my fans for responding

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