2009 Pontiac Vibe

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We’ll now more at the auto show next month.
But this is it. Nothing specacular. Just a straight redesign that pretty much looks like the old one.

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  1. Looks alright for an affordable, efficient, and practical car. A bit edgier on the exterior, it still looks better than its Matrix twin. I hope they tweak the interior as much and give the Vibe a bump up in power. Keeping the same platform (and probably engine) should help keep down any major price increases.

    Pontiac offers nothing else in the hatchback market to compete with the Mazda3, Versa, etc. The Vibe as proven to be a decent seller with Toyota partner’s reliability. I’ll definitely go look at the Vibes when they come out.

    If only I wouldn’t be ashamed to tell people I own a Pontiac…

    Something to work on.

  2. I see Nissan Rogue and the Compass in this design even though the Vibe existed before it. I do hope the
    Matrix is not at all based on this and hope it is the Blade.
    Anyway, I will buy a Rogue due to its AWD capabilities and better materials over the Compass.

  3. The design of that small c-pillar window bugs me. But in spite of that, I think this actually looks quite good. Much more athletic than the current Vibe. Is this really a new ground-up vehicle? Looks more like a refresh of the current one.

  4. not bad. however the little triangular light on the front housing edge looks like a bandage. the side profile looks very much like the mazda3 hatchback.

    vince, any front shot??

  5. That’s a boy ride!! Doesn’t look girlie like the Rogue and the actual Matrix/Vibe!! If it handle like a sport car and not like Buick as the actual Vibe, I will have no reason to keep my “great looking but not really reliable” Mazda3!!

  6. Douchebag,

    You do realize that you’re a huge hypocrite right? You go on and on bashing the Japanese and any foreign automaker yet praise this? The Vibe is a joint venture WITH Toyota so how is this car ok but everything else isn’t. Hmmmm?

  7. Douchbag gets alot of feathers roughed up and riles up the best of you. I told all you idiots over a year ago that that is all that he wants to do. he enjoys it. He has a very small world, a 10 x 12 room in his step mom’s cold, dsark basement and hasen’t got his drivers lic. yet. this is his entertainment, until he gets accepted to college, he hopes. anyhoo, don’t get mad at him, he is a young fellow with not much to live for. This is a ll speculation of course, but it sure seems accurate, no?

  8. What the heck y’all talking about? Douchebag Jones is a fine commentator and intellect…Almost as insightful as the dude that posts “It looks like a Tundra”.

  9. I had a Vibe, and it is a great package. The 1.8 engine is the right blend of power and excellent fuel economy that should not change. The new Scion Xb is a barge, with it’s big engine. The Vibe is a great seller among economy minded buyers. It’s the only Pontiac with a loyal customer base.

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