2009 Scirocco

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This looks pretty real to me.
And even if it isn’t, it’s as close as you can get I’m sure.

I think this will be a real nice car. Some people complain about the wagon type styling. But people aslo complain about anything that looks different.
I think VW is doing the right thing. Trying to be different is what they should be.
They don’t want another Celica or Tiburon.

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  1. Actually, it’s not their styling that people don’t like.

    It’s how crappy their cars usually are.

    The current VW Jetta has an almost Japanese style (Toyota Corolla), yet it’s nowhere close of being as long-lasting.

  2. do u know what happen to VW?

    Didn’t they use to make reliable cars?
    My co-worker had the original scirroco and although it looked like a piece of turd, it ran fine (no engine problems)

  3. From that angle, its shape looks a lot like the Volvo C30. I guess it adresses the same customers.

  4. I think that it looks awesome, just too bad that it’s a VW, with the bad reliability reputation.

  5. the horrible reliability reports come mainly from the touareg, phaeton, and any other car you load with options. base-model VWs have much better reliability, especially with the manual transmission. avoid gasoline turbos if you can in a vw, though. basically, if you want a reliable vw, go for a stick shift rabbit, jetta, or new bettle, not an automatic turbo eos.

    i was a vw mechanic for 14 years before i moved to bmws, and vee dubs werent as bad

  6. VW’s need a lot of TLC over other cars and no cars are really perfect
    Civics have been reported to have their wheels from falling off and Toyota has their share of problems.
    Why is it that there are a lot more older VW on the road as compare to Asian cars?
    Anyway, VW really needs to remove the red tape
    from their service department and make it Lexus friendly!!!!
    The Scirocco, Tiguan, and forthcoming Golfs
    will really beautify the brand even further.
    By the way, I drove the C30 Volvo and really wasn’tcrazy about it.

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