2009 Toyota Matrix

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Two versions will be available, S and XRS.
Not sure what the difference is.
These pictures are of the S version.
A slightly lighter grey interior is available.

It just looks like a conservative/slightly weird re-do of the old one.
And inside, the GPS looks like someone’s cousin tried to squeeze a screen onto the dash….

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  1. wonderfully ugly! and dangerous….yes, dangerous if you look at the rear quarter, after the rear side window, there is nothing to look through but solid metal.This may be the largest blind spot in the industry. They tried a trick by wrapping a plastic piece at each side of rear window, but if you measure the actual blind spot from inside, it’s probably almost 2′ long.

  2. With all-new cars looking like this and corolla toyota better hope that their quality stays high….oh….oops! too late, they have recalled a ton of cars as of late and a consumers magazine says thet the Camry and Tundra don’t cut it..”Not Recommended” Oh Oh! Anyone else feel this way????

  3. name change alert!, I heard they are changing the name to Matron, and thus the style makes sense!

  4. This is not fair, we are judging a car that still has camoflauge on it. just look at the pastic by the rear window and that huge blind spot because the rear quarter is still under wraps. just wait, it will look better with wrapping off!

  5. Where does Toyota get it’s designers…Seriously…Just terrible. What kind of a mind would come up with this style and think it attractive? Can you imagine what their wife looks like?

  6. Buy not giving us the Blade just makes Americans consumers think that all Japanese cars are boring.
    The new Matrix is just an example of this let down.

  7. Between the big blind spot and the overall looks, I think the old one was so much nicer. Regardless it will still do well versus its target the Mazda 3. Well until the new 3 comes out and crushes it.

  8. Someone mated an old Matrix with an XD….blind spot, headlights, and all….

    Not a pretty child.

  9. This thing looks ugly it should belong to the Scion brand not the toyotas, Scions are ugly toyotas are bland

  10. Better than the all new yet outdated corolla. But what i dont understand is why dont we get the exact same model the europeans get, at least the interior is a million times better than this old thing, and the exterior is better as well.

  11. Isn’t this the 4 door version of our Yaris 2 door hatchback? If not why bother making 2 models so closely related under the same manufacturer nameplate? We all know that Scions are sold as Toyotas elsewhere but are actually made be Daewoo! Yes Daewoo, that long lost and forgotten nameplate that once sold here by the college students looking for extra credit activities. WHAT A JOKE!!!

  12. What an unfortunate mess! A good package, a 4 door hatch, destroyed by Toyota’s melted styling school of design. I questioned the first generation as looking a little too juvenile, especially the interior. This new generation’s dash looks way too toy-like. If you’re seriously considering buying a car like this, check out the Versa. As an adult, you can drive one without feeling like you’re in your kid’s car.

  13. With the new Matrix and Corolla, Toyota is only 1/3 away from the Ugly Exterior/Cheap-looking Interior trifecta.

    Oh, oh, OH what a feeling!

  14. the current matrix and vibe has a more aggresive look than the next generation vibe and matrix. the next generation matrix looks like crap!!!the next gen. vibe looks like a giant bubble!

  15. you are all right, now don’t reward them buy buying or ever recommending these cars. get out into the world my children and spread the word…”toyota is not to be supported”

  16. Hello,
    We have a 2009 Matrix we bought last year. I cannot see out the front sides as the posts which hold the air bags are too big.
    I have almost ran over people on 4 different occasions. 2 in a cross walk and 2 walking around a corner as I was coming towards them. At first I though maybe I am just careless, then it happened to my wife twice.
    Has anyone else had these issues?
    B.C. Canada

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