All new Toyota Sequoia!

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I went to the beach today. Not for fishing. But I got something anyway…

Too bad I just had my phone, no real camera. And I had to pretend to make a call as I was passing by.
But I guess it is still better than nothing.

I saw more of the car, and all I can tell you is that is another boring looking SUV.
Nothing at all to stand out from a crowd of others.

They could have been driving it around and noone would have noticed….

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  1. Well well well…
    I was just checking things out and it seems the car I saw today was just the new Lexus SUV. Not the new Toyota…
    Sorry about that….

  2. The new LX is boring and wonky looking with a butt inspired by lincoln. That’s cool that you got the pic at one of their photo shoots though.

  3. That front end looks more like the Kia Mesa teaser shots that have been out in the last couple of months.

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