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If a picture is worth a thousand words….

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  1. Nissan and Honda are so dissapointing….

    I never expected the Hyndai and the camry to be so resilient…

    I wonder if the 2008 Accord would have better results, let’s hope so.

    They missed out the Mazda 6…

  2. Did you notice how the back end of the Altima dips down after the initial impact causing the battering ram to punch the trunk lid?

    I’m a Honda guy, but that wasn’t pretty either,

    Way to go, Hyundai!!

  3. what? all the Japanese cars taking a hit on a Korean site? Maybe they hammered the Hyundai in the right place (where the beam is behind the bumper) and the rest in the wrong place (above the beam)?

    The Koreans are pretty desperate these days. The Sonata couldn’t compete against the Camry.

    But if it is indeed genuine (I highly doubt it) we might need to start doing frontal crash test (like they do now) but against the back-side of the same model.

  4. I am surprised and quite happy to know that one of the more popular cars have failed to compete with the underdog.

  5. That looks surreal. So does the altima have a hollow bumper? It seems like a crappy way to cheap out on a design.

    Does the government here test rear collisions in its safety ratings?

  6. Wow, I can’t believe the Altima did so poorly. But what’s really shocking is that the Mitsubishi did so well. I know I won’t be buying an Altima.

  7. I bet when the same test is conducted on a Chinese automobile, the bumper hits the driver on the back of the head rendering him unconcious – and thats after they went back and fixed the car.

  8. from what I’ve heard, the Sonata has(or will have for 09 MY) 5 MPH bumpers. The law in the U.S. says 2.5 MPH(lowered from 5MPH , what, in the 90’s, irrc).
    Well, since I am in no hurry…. I may wait for the 2010 Sonata, clean diesel, when it hits these shores!
    My 90 Sentra XE had 5MPH bumpers..these obvious(Nissan Altime) don’t!
    Yeah, for the one person doubting Hyundai…look up NHSTA crash test for current model…that’ll help remove some of your doubts.
    Or go to, look up their top choice for 2006 family sedan… Sonata.

    It’s called doing research before posting. Makes you look smarter, when you have an idea of what you speak about.

    have a good one.

  9. i told you kids if you want to be safe you buy american thats the ywa it is us steel is much stronger and lmakes out r car ssafer

  10. douchbag jones said…
    i told you kids if you want to be safe you buy american thats the ywa it is us steel is much stronger and lmakes out r car ssafer

    October 18, 2007 9:53 PM

    Sonata. BUILT in America, around 27-30% USA content.
    About as much as a Chevy Equinox, with the Chinese engined V6Or the S Korean “Chevy’ Aveo! That’s 5% NA content, like the Accent(think Accent is now 7% NA content, same coutnry Aveo comes from).

  11. Yeah it is all good to only consider the cosmetic damage and the price tag for this kind of accident. What is more important to me is… Which car kept the shock of the accident from impacting the driver and passengers? I really don’t care that my car may have a higher amount of cosmetic damage, if it means that I am better protected. I am not saying that this is the case with these tests, I just wonder if there are any tests that determine which car best protects the occupants at these speeds?

  12. Mr look at nhtsa is full of crap; all the chains went down the same on all cars and just because they look mounted differently in your eyes does not mean that there’s a speed difference at the point of impact worth noting.

    Besides, visiting the NHTSA would be a waste of time in this matter. A car could have excellent crash results and still have bumpers that imploded and fell off at the slightest ding. Manufacturers concentrate on the inside structure for occupancy safety. The only Safety mindedness about most bumpers today is at the benefit of pedestrians.

    They are just plastic sleeves these days that wrap around the car, some are still just built better than others.. Like was seen above.

  13. Obviously for anyone with over a grade 2 education, it’s rigged, fixed, a set up, whatever you wish to call it. Who is to predict at what point impact will be made. There are all different heights of impact points . They rigged it at a height that would slip over and/or miss the bumper on altima and squarely hit others. Now, re-adjust that impact point higher so that it hits all cars over the bumper, then we will see truth!

  14. Vince you lose credibility when you post shady items such as this and then state,”if a picture is worth a thousand words”, shame on you for not seeing the flaws in this skewed, and screwed test!

  15. Shouldn’t a safe car absorb the impact? The Hyundai seemed to bounce off just at the same speed that it hit – I can’t imagine what that’d do a person’s neck.

    Maybe that’s why REAL crash tests look for the effects on passengers – and not the car. Seems they’re more concerned about saving your wallet instead of your life.

  16. If anybody had a bit of intelligence, then you would notice that the test on the altima was not done correctly. The all the other cars were stopped just before the point of impact. Look at the chain on the bottom of the car, it’s in full tension just prior to the point of impact where the Altima is still traveling. The Altima does NOT have a hallow bumper, not only is that illegal but it would not be sold if that was the case. It has a metal bumper with energy absorbing foam between the metal and the plastic fascia. The best place to go for REAL data on these cars would be the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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