Another good picture of the new Mondeo.

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  1. Those can’t be real……the wheels that is. Other then that those are nice looking headlight designs.

  2. “I love her Moundos”

    Shouldn’t that be Moundeos?

    I especially like the curve-hugging body, the slim profile and the security of twin airbags.

    Yeah, the car’s nice, too.

  3. Hey Vince, I think you put the bad pics. There is no car in these pic. I see a beautiful set of… Damn. Maybe next time I see the car

  4. Ok, its time to come in from the playground and start class again. Although sex sells, is this really effective advertising for a failing automaker? Personally, I think it is kinda stupid, heck, if you want look at breast go to hooters.

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