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Chinese car maker Byd jut got their F3 compact crash tested adn got a 3 star result. That’s really good. especially if you compare results from just a few months ago for other Chinese cars.
These guys are learning and improving very, very fast.

And Byd is still claiming they’ll have an all electric sedan (Larger than the F3) on the market by next year.
The Byd F6 e will be available in China next year for the equivalent of $20 000.
Here is the PR stuff:

” “The F6 E will be a ‘bi-fuel’ vehicle operated on both gasoline and electricity, thus customers can choose either the fuel system or electric battery in driving,” Xia Zhibing, general manager of BYD Auto Sales .

“a 10-hour recharge could power the car as far as 400 kilometers with a maximum speed of 160 kilometers per hour, and their battery can be recharged up to 2000 times before it starts to degrade.”

Another amazing claim from a Chinese brand.

We’ll see….

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  1. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Chinese were buying Western-built cars (who can tell the difference the way the Chinese copy them) and slapping on Chinese logos and nameplates to give the illusion their cars are no longer a bunch of deathtraps that’ll fold up in a stiff breeze.

  2. What are the chinese getting better at? Copying ? It looks suspiciously like a Carolla. Would anyone care to check how a Carolla did in the same crash test?

  3. Gee Vince – you really really like these Chinese cars. Why don’t you change the name of your website to “The Hollywood Extra Who Really Wants a Chinese Car!”

  4. Apparently I wasn’t the first to see the Corolla in this…heh

    The sharp lines in the head and tail lights make this this look really weird compared to the blandness of the REAL Corolla…oh…wait.

  5. Vince is smarter and better than you(all)…. that is why he likes these cars, adn is amazed by the fast progress( hey, it took GM, withouthelp from Toyota’s Prism, or whatever…to build a 35MPG car on their own, a “Hybrid” Aura, LOL,..sad, pathetic joke…btw…know how many UAW people I know? ZERO… because GM is a closed community, hiring realtives..NEPOTISM… i try not buy from companies that practice Nepotism as much as Big 3, when hiring).
    Corolla has 4 and 5 stars crash test, genius….funn, people can use the internet topost here, and run down what they don’t like, but are suddenly too stupid, or lazy, to find out Corolla crash test results(it may make uou look the fool..that’s why you run your mouthes, on sided arguments…just like a politiican, wanting votes…One Side of the story only, otherwise, they may shoot themselves in the foot!).

    If Chinese makers do well in sales, they will build cars here, eventually, prrobably hire Real American( who USE THEIR FREEDOM OF CHOICE< unlike you all, Freedom FROM Choice..roll-eyes).
    Why not move to an island by yourselves…maybe you’ll like it better that way?
    If you don’t like this site,Vince’s opinions on anything,
    Go to Fanyboy(honda toyota, gm ford…whatever).com
    No wonder our test scores in America are lower than 75% of other civilized worlds… you refuse to believe reality, or study about anything/any subject.


  6. Anonymous said…
    Gee Vince – you really really like these Chinese cars. Why don’t you change the name of your website to “The Hollywood Extra Who Really Wants a Chinese Car!”

    October 16, 2007 11:43 AM


  7. Something is very fishy about these recent tests. Even the best carmakers cannot crash test a car, analyze the results, determine the cause of the results, research and test alternatives, incorporate the new design into production and properly retest a production ready version in the amount of time that this novice carmaker has. It’s just not possible to do it properly and get such dramatically different results. This makes the second time now. These tests should be critically questioned.



  9. Germans patented the first car, as we sort of know it today, iirc, around 1886?
    So, to me, EVERYONE ELSE copied them!
    So… yeah…big deal. Ford Fusion has Accord-like tail-lights.
    I don’t care if they tore apart a Corolla, built it 99% exact copy…
    if it’s a decent car, a “hybrid”(as some are calling it, that saw this article… a plug-in hybrid) for 20K, I’m all for it.

    Toyota’s nothing doing anything with Under 20K hybrids, no one else is either(new cars)…. rumors of Honda’s CR Z…is a rumor, for now(17-20K, and tiny…like a Hyundai Accent SE).

    If this is a larger car, similar MPG(or better) than anything esle out there, in 1-2 years, and decent enough…. for 20K, bring it out!
    What you guys afraid of?
    Don’t like it, don’t buy it.
    It’s simple.
    Like any maker… don’t like it… that’s fine….
    don’t buy.
    How many of you are old enough to even drive, lol!?

  10. To anon 8:30…

    You do realize that the point of this forum is to provide opinions, don’t you? People aren’t obligated to purchase it before they provide their opinion. And in my opinion, I am questioning the legitimacy of the crash retest. I agree with other posters that this seems fishy and probably isn’t accurate. The Chinese business practices should be closely watched until they’ve proven they can deliver a safe product.

  11. come on, some Chinese car makers had bad tests does not mean every Chinese car maker should have bad tests. this is the fist time BYD F3 get tested independently. BYD cars, especially the plug in version, will be tested in Europe and here(US) soon, let’s wait and see.

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