Another GTR on a truck.

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They even put black tape on the wheels….

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  1. Its pug ugly. Nothing at all like the original concept. That had style, this just looks contrived and silly.

  2. This is supposed to have Nissans new 7 spd manumatic(or dsg not sure which). I wonder if it’ll have direct injection.

    I think this car looks pretty good. However I was never crazy about the front end. Hopefully it won’t be one of those deals where it looks better with the camoflauge on(the front that is).

    John M (JM)

  3. it’s identical to the concept and will be the world leader in sports car style….YES! every sports car from now on will try to follow this lead, no not the ugly mustang that everyone has ignored!

  4. They should cover this blindness-inducing disfigured blight entirely in black tape. No matter how fast it is, the GTR will never outrun it’s ugliness.

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