Another nerd drives the Volvo C30

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I like this car a lot.
Nice quick video.

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  1. I ordered my C30, they just called and it will be in friday. It took them 4 and a half weeks to get it made and shipped to US. Not bad.

    Having said that, if I didn’t get the Ford friends and family discount, and if the dealer didn’t give me over kbb for my trade, I would not have bought this car. It is simply too much money. Volvo needs to rethink what they are considering options, cruise control????, laminated glass???, air purification system???? just to mention a couple.

  2. I really like this car, but while the basic version (“1.0” as they call it) is reasonably priced, it seems like the “2.0” version is much too expensive for what it brings.

    Basically the only difference of note between the two models is that the 2.0 has painted body kit instead of the ugly unpainted black trim on the 1.0. For that the price difference is $3,000. Seems like a lot for a bit of painted plastic.

  3. I think the price needs to drop and the car is not even
    made in Sweden!!!!
    $ 26k with auto and no other options!!! Crazy!
    It should be $ 22K instead and another $ 1000
    for the 1.0 edition.

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