Another “Passat Coupe” illustration

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Yes, another guess.
I guess this could go against that new Droopy Maxima next year.

I must say, that new VW, whatever they end up calling it, will look really nice.

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  1. I don’t care what douchbag has to say, but I like foreign cars and this is one nice one!!!
    GO VW!!!

  2. Vince, easy on the droopy, i think that you should open your mind a bit more, and btw, this is a sedan and Nissan will eat it and everything else up whole I tell ya!When you see the new Max. you are going to be very embarassed for forming an opinion so early. It “IS” drop dead gorgeous, you WILL see!

  3. Why doesn’t VW just get rid of the Passat for this one? There is no such thing as a four-door “coupe” and there’s no reason for two identical sedans with the same style on the same platform. Looks good tho.

    As for the Maxima, the last two generations have been terrible on the eyes. Nissan needs to bring back the spirit of the early 90s four-door-sports-car. But I spose that’s why they now have the G37.

  4. WoW! It IS possible for them to not use the over done Audi FACEMASK on a vehicle….

    The grill looks a bit odd….but in a good way…because it’s not like the other vehicles

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