Audi A1 Concept video

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Lots of cool features. I like the front turn signals, similar idea to what they already have in the rear of the Passat.

But is it enough to really go against the Mini?

And. Are they going to sell it over here?
It took them many years to finally bring over the A3. And we only have the 5 door version.

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  1. If they were to price it right, it will be a hit in the states, get younger buyers into the audi fold and let them grow old into other audis, but that aint gonna happen, they will overprice it and only old men will afford it, oops wait, old men should be buying a A-6 something wrong with all this ???
    Also this car looks like a wet stupid puppy whereas the fiat 500 abarth looks like a poised doberman
    ready to attack !

  2. I think it will come over here, but the price will have to be reasonable to have Mini as its equal adversary.
    The repeaters around the fog lights is really cool and I am so surprised that nobody thought of that before.
    What a simple and practical idea. As far as the photo display that is integrated around the gauges, that looks like an Apple cover-flow idea, but I really like the thrums warmer the most. If D. Jones says anything, lets put his testicles inside of it.

  3. I think this car looks awesome. I love the lights at both ends of the car. I hope this car comes to NA or at least Canada.

  4. I also think this looks great & not too retro as the new beetle. and – i especially like the backgroundmusic. Has anyone got a clue, what the name of that song is??

  5. THe turn signal idea is cool, but can you actually see them when the fog lights are on? This is the only issue that I have with turn signals being so close to the headlights….however you can’t turn off the headlight to make the blinker more prominent unless they are daytime running lights….the Old GMC Sonoma’s did it (DRL turned off) and so do Post 2005 Dodges/Chryslers with DRL….the side that is blinking, that corresponding side disables the single DRL….looks funny in the Ram, but works for the Charger, since the blinkers are soooo tiny to begin with.

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