Audi A1 Concept

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No big surprises here.
Plus, it will be toned down for production.
A nice little car without the personality of the Mini or the Fiat 500.

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  1. Yea, I normally don’t like Audi designs whatsoever.

    But this aint bad, it kinda does have some style or personality as the other poster wrote.

  2. Great car. I like the way the bottom edge of the taillight meets the rear bumper seam perfectly, and the side of the lamp forms a character line on the top of the bumper. Hatch looks to have a high liftover, though.

    Interior has good style and details from what I can tell in this small picture. Great sculpted door handle that meets the dash very creatively.

    I’m like Markus. I want it.

  3. Don’t know if I’d have thought to copy the silver roof rails like pathetic Saturn Ion, but it seems to work well on this car.

  4. cute, done, get it to market NOW! don’t make it cost more than a mini or volvo , giddy up, what are you waiting for audi?

  5. has same problem as the new Volvo hatch. Big, honkn’ nose and no butt. Looks like it will tip over forward

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