BMW Diesel in the US

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By the end of 2008.
Not sure which model will get the diesel engines yet.
I guess the X3 and X5 make the most sense.

But in Europe BMW offers diesels on pretty much everything they make.
The one we might get is the 3.0 Liter inline 6 with 286hp, with 427 lb-ft of torque.
Compare this to the regular 3.5 Liter with 300 lb-ft.

These will be very fast cars. With better mileage.
I just wonder how much more they will charge for the Diesel option.

2009 could be the “year of the Diesel” in the US.
With the much more popular Honda Accord also getting one.

Who will be the 1st US manufacturer?
My bet is on Chrysler bringing over the 300 Diesel they’ve already been selling in Europe for years over here.
It’s hot and ready to go.

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  1. Vince… VW will be first(not US maker…but first clean diesel).. March of 08…look up has a bit on clean diesels, this week.
    Jetta Sportwagen and Jetta sedan… one site said About 2K premium on diesels, meaning maybe a few hundred under 20,000 dollars for a very basic Jetta(guessing here).
    I think more details will be unveiled at Chicago, right before launch date.
    If they include cruise with it( supposed, a 6 speed shifter, with Automatic -1 mode- deal on it) for 20K, or less, and it’s as good as Edmunds says( think they said No Noise,or hardly any, and No Smell)… 236 torque at 1,500 or so rpms….140HP… I’m sold.
    Give me a choice between the Astra 3 door for 20K(probably low 30’s MPG, with automatic)…
    or this car( both have 140HP… but only 1 has 236 torque)…..
    the VW….. and rumored to get low 40’s city, low-mid 50’s hwy….LOL…
    forget the Astra… this will smoke it in 0-60 times,(I know, different cars, but both European, and 20K-22K with options, I am guessing on VW)…and VW Diesels do seem to hold up well,vs their gas engined coutnerparts.

    VW-Vw-Vw Jetta!

    No urea nonsense to clean up the particles from the spent diesel needed, either!

    Forget hybrids, or toy sized cars. This is for real!

  2. 286 hp and um 427 pound feet of torque? from a 3.0 L6 engine, with better mileage.
    wouldn’t this thing kill the 335?

  3. Hey Vince,

    The conventional BMW engine with 300 foot pounds of torque is NOT a 3.5 liter. It is a 3 (three) liter. The model numbers [328, 335] do NOT relate to the engine displacement. Both cars have 3.0 liter engines.

  4. I’m waiting for BMW to bring over a few smaller engines that have good performance and get better mileage. I don’t need a 335, and I don’t need a 335d either.

  5. If you went to Europe and rented one you would see what you were missing. Jay Leno might try one if CA EPA rules don’t outlaw it.

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