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I must say I am very impressed by this car.

I like the design, by Pininfarina. The line coming out of the door handles lookd great.
It is a hatch. It has a very nice looking interior.
It has enough power (170hp from a 1.8 Liter Turbo)

On paper and on pictures it seems great. The super cheap price will be an added bonus.

The big “ifs” are :safety, reliability and resale… And do we want to actually buy a Chinese car.
The truth is, most everything we buy , including expensive electronics, is already made in China.

is that a bad thing?

You tell me…

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  1. Nice looking car with an attractive interior. Style-wise they got it right even if it’s a bit dated.

  2. When you posted the first pictures I said that it was surprisingly original for a Chinese car and had probably been designed in Europe so it doesn’t surprise me at all now you say it is Pininfarina. It does look good. If the price is right it will sell. I mean, no one is going to buy one instead of an Alfa-Romeo GT but it could easily take sales from Hyundai. There is a hole in the market for a pretty sub $20k coupe in the mould of the old Fiat 850 Coupe, Nissan/Datsun Sunny Coupes, or Hyundai Scoupe. I wouldn’t bet against this being the Chinese car that makes the industry really take notice.

  3. I respect them greatly for not copying everyone like Kia/Hyundai have done. Going to Pininfarina for design was a smart move for them. As for the dead pedal, its about the same size as a new VW.

  4. The line coming out of the door handles looks like a big scratch. I wonder if there’s lead in the paint?

  5. Besides the stupid Godzillaish logo, the dash looks very similar to the dash in my S4 cabrio. Not bad, but the “brilliance” version looks like it has more bits-n-pieces. Visible lid seems for the passenger airbag is a very 90s. The overuse of silver plastic pieces looks like something toyota would do. Those floormats look like a JC Whitney special.

  6. Slightly dated looking, but if the MSRp for this, as-is, were, say, 16,000 loaded(with sunroof, too, cruise, etc)…and 10/100K warranty… I’d give it a look.
    As for Hyundai/Kia copying everyone… see the new Sonata-Accord( Accord stole Sonata cues…imho).
    Whatever. Everyone copies something from everyone else, that’s the bottom line.
    You some kind of Japanese only, or Big 3 only ,fanboy, at age 50, or UAW( Chrysler and Ford appear to be ready to import from China in the next 14-18 why not the real deal, and get rid of the “middle men”..Ford/Chrysler, in these deals)?

  7. very, very well done, in terms of styling.

    BUT, but, but… we all saw that Brilliance crash test video from 3 months ago which was very revealing. Yes, the styling and execution of this car is excellent. But until they prove that it will not crumple like a tuna can in a crash, no one should even THINK about buying one.

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