Cadillac CTS Coupe

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The Coupe version of the CTS is supposed to start production in 2009.
Which would make it a 2010 model, I guess.

I am not sure if they are still planing a convertible version, but a wagon will come out the same year.
That might be a good way to bring the new V6 diesel (already available in Europe) over here….

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  1. Now, that looks nice and not sure why they didn’t do this a few years back. I blame Slimebag Jones.

  2. Although this is a nice pic, unfortunately this is not the (CTC aka Compact Touring Coupe) or as many refer to as the CTS Coupe. The official name is the Cadillac CTC. There are major difference between the CTC and the CTS. The CTC evolved after the luxury coupe market was recreated after the Infiniti G35 Coupe became a hit.

    Following the trails of the Infiniti G35 and G37 and BMW 3 Series Coupe and Sedan. The CTC will be more sporty than luxurious the same interior is intact but will offer an option of Aluminum Veneer. The grill is slightly different with a mesh backing, and not so many horizontal ribs in the grille.

    The roof line will set this car apart from the sedan although not as flowing as the G35 its reminscent of the new Nissan GTR. But it blends very nicely into the rear of the car. Because of the roof line the ultraview sunroof will not be an option but a sunroof similar to the G6 will take the place of that option. The headlamps and tailamps remain the same. There will also be an option of a unique deck lid wing. A convertible version may follow but has not been greenlighted, neither has the wagon version.

    The drivetrain will offer a 3.7L V6 Direct Injection with a 320 horsepower. Look for the CTC to debut at the New York Auto Show in April.

    Other Cadillac news look for the Sedan Concept (that will replace the STS and DTS…..its only a design study nothing close to production), also a production version of a Small Crossover slated below the SRX and the 2009 CTS-V at the NAIAS.

  3. I hope the CTC isn’t too good! I’d hate to have to trade my ’08 CTS on it! This thing is a great car, you gotta check it out if you haven’t already!! Vince, you’re right, Cadillac AND GM in general are on a roll!!!

  4. It is becoming increasingly difficult to tell Cadillac’s apart from each other. As for GM being on a roll, their stock just got downgraded – there are still way too many divisions. At one point they are going to have to chop some more to remain competitive.

  5. What I find funny is that so many hopes and dreams were put into the current STS…but it ended up not selling….even with its rear wheel drive….

    So they are just going to push a replacement onto it, instead of improving upon what they already have……but it is a smart move to elipse it with the DTS as well….they should call it the FTS…heh….for Fleetwood

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