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Yes, it is the same picture I posted a couple of days ago. But someone took the camouflage off with their computer.
So we can see how close the production Camaro will be to the concept.
Pretty amazing.

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  1. why is there this guy asleep on the car???
    he looks likeo ne of these bums we have where do they keep these cars in such bad areas of town i guess detroit isnt as nice as beautiful modesto california thats for sure

  2. Yeah, d, except that’s the guy who designed the car.

    He could dry-hump the thing if he wanted to – so long as the one I get doesn’t have his essence over it…


  3. The chief designer had just flown into Australia
    and when he saw the car, he tried to give it a huge.
    * * * * * *

  4. cudos to the guy that did this ‘chop job on the pic. It looks pretty good…

    To think that in about a year I’m going to trade in my ’06 ‘Stang for that car. I just can’t wait.

  5. I don’t think the camoflauge was taken off, it appears to be a crappy photoshop of what somebody thought it would look like underneath. Look at the guy’s reflection- very strong in the glass but none along the side of the car? Also look at the rear, it’s fuzzy.


  6. The guy on the car looks to be Ed Welburn, one of GMs top design guys. The reason he is leaning over it is to cover the B pillars, which I hear are needed structurally at that price point. The concept did not have this, but that’s why it’s a concept.

  7. I think 12:08 may be right. The guy is in the same exact position as in the camo pic and the car does seem a little fuzzy. I too think it may be photoshopped.

    John M.

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