Chery S18

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Another Chinese car with an interesting design.
I guess this will end up in Europe within a couple of years….

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  1. If I just squint and make crosseyes I can just about see what this thing would look like after a fender-bender. I really don’t trust the chinese to build cars any more than I trust them to manufacture a DVD player that won’t break in a year. I can toss out a $200 dollar DVD payer and buy a new one. A car is a different situation.

  2. Looks like a Toyota echo hatchback copy. I bet you could exchange door handles just like you cuold with the QQ.

  3. From seeing other pictures, I have to give Chery one thing, it is original. Could it be a possible Dodge B-car? I hope not. A lot of people (including me) would buy car this small (about 8 inches shorter than a mini) but this is too cutsey. gah.

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