Chevrolet Cobalt SS Turbo

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There wil be a production version of the SS Turbo for the Cobalt.
I am not sure if this is it, or some SEMA concept version.
(It does look production ready)

What the Coblat needs right now is not a Turbo, but an all new interior.

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  1. It could use some exterior freshening, too. The Cobalt doesn’t compete all that well within its class, but you can get a great deal on one. The value factor might be its greatest strength.

  2. I wonder why Mazda, Dodge, and now Chevrolet don’t include AWD at least as an option. I don’t think people will mind to pay $5000 to eliminate torque steer and enhance traction.

  3. When does it get a mid model refresh 2012!? This is GM at its best, milking its tired interior/exterior designs for as long as possible.

  4. just another POS american car made for rental companies

    a civic or corolla is much better than this wanna be compact

    this is an anti-douche bag jones post, in case you don’t get it

  5. Style King said…

    I thought that this was the all- new corolla, but then i realised it was much prettier!
    October 31, 2007 11:59 AM

    You really shouldn’t drink so early in the day.

    The Corolla is nothing to look at, but this Chevy Cavalier, I mean Cobalt (snicker), is decades behind it and anything else in the market segment.

    It’s why Cavaliers, I mean Cobalts, go for cheap.

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