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Seems the Holden Commodore is being sold pretty much everywhere GM seels cars.
This south American version is, as you can see, sold as a Chevrolet.

I wonder if they are all still made in Australia…

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  1. funny how even these guys lve american cars but here we have all these idiots and their toytas and chinese cars amazing

  2. Made in Australia!?

    Where do you think they come from!!

    Australia is the only place they are made…

  3. D Jones is the most illiterate blogger in the world.
    Whatever he says is rubbish and he knows it.
    The pecker head can’t even type or spell and he thinks
    he represents US of A. Whatever…

  4. Yep still made here in good old South Australia….

    It’s funny how you guys think they’re really nice cars…they’re everywhere over here. Falcons and Commodores. Personally I don’t like them – I think they’re pretty crappy really. They spent AU$1 billion developing the new VE and they still had some considerable quality issues. I think they even had a recall a few months after it’s release….

    Admittedly it’s much better than any previous Commodore (they benchmarked it against Audi and BMW) but still pretty average. Plus people over here have no idea how to drive them – they’re always the people you get stuck behind…

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