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According to the Detroit Free Press, Chrysler will kill the Crossfire, the Pacifica, the PT Cruiser Convertible and the Magnum.

-The Crossfire was always too expensive for a Chrysler.
-The Pacifica was never really attractive, especially after the concept they teased us with years before.
-They never redesigned the PT Cruiser . What a shame.
They had one of the biggest hit in the modern car industry and they let it die.
-And I didn’t know sales of the Magnum were so bad. I actually like it.

All these cars were actually good cars.
Just not what people wanted.

What’s next? the Sebring? The Compass?

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  1. I think it’s a real shame that they are getting rid of the Magnum. For my money, one the high points of Chrysler/Dodge in the current millenium. The Magnum was one of the few wagons that was honest about what it was. I respect that.

    Now, the Crossfire always seemed a bit like a misfire to me, if you will excuse the pun. It didn’t look half-bad, at least not until it shared looks with the Sebring. The problem was that it’s sporting looks were lacking backup. The SRT-6 version that came later was actually supposed to be decent, but the original was definitely lacking.
    The Pacifica was simply confused. Good riddance.

  2. I think the Pacifica is the nicest Chryslers seen in years and thought they stopped production already since
    old Daimler Chrysler was making the RL class.
    I think they should redesign the Pacifica since Chysler
    is losing many of its models.

  3. Vince…
    I heard 2 versions of what the next PT will be for 09 model year…
    1) A CUV(a larger Caliber, I HOPE NOT,.,, one is too many, imho).
    2) That Hornet thing might get larger than the concept(it was 151 inches in length, then rumor sof it being around 14 ft long have surfaced, or close to the current PT, but looking like the Hornet) and be called the PT, or PT Hornet?

    Any ideas, Mr Burlapp?

    Me? I’d rather see a Coupe(or 3 door) PT, slightly updated looks, inside and out…(like their PT Coupe concept from 2-3 years ago)…or a modified PT , update of current car.
    If they keep the PT as a car-like thing(despite the Truck-licensing deal)…I’ll consider one(and they are almost at 30MPG, finally!).

  4. Vince may be correct about PT being dumped. I did a net search, and allpar, and a few others, said PT Is on the list(did not say Convertible only).
    Well, guess we should know in about 12-13 hours, sometime today, exactly what’s on the list of cuts?

    I did read that the PT Cruiser(not convertible) is still the 3rd best selling Chrysler, besides the 300 and the minivan(?)… beating out newer vehicles.
    Why would you dump a “most reliable”” product, of the past few years, that sells 100,000+ units annually, and makes a profit, and probably is not too ocstly for them to make anymore?

    It would make little sense, for a company that wants to make profits asap!

    And they are proclaiming they want diesels/hybrids for all models?
    Keep the PT, slightly tweak it…add hybrid..or diesel….
    by 09 makeover(If they keep it)… and get 40 MPG…. say arond 20-21K msrp… it’d sell even more than now, especially with news of “35 MPG” Corolla (09) coming out, and 3 per gallon(or around there) gas, all of the time.

    If not.. I don’t know.
    I am not thrilled by the Hornet’s front end… TRUCK-LIKE, though(*if they replace the pT with it).
    I like cars that look like cars.

  5. Crossfire and Magnum are gone due to lack of sales, the Magnum is being replaced in the Dodge lineup by the new Journey……..PT Cruiser convertible is being dropped, not the PT Cruiser Wagon. Pacifica is being dropped as it is the only Chrysler not built on Chrysler underpinnings..bascially it was a Mercedes. Im sure Chrysler will get a copy of the Journey to fill the Pacifica void.

  6. This is what i don’t understand: a convertible, a wagon, a sport car and a sport tourer got cut? Sounds like they cut everything that doesn’t swallow up by rental fleet.

  7. WoW….way to kill a car that just got refreshened (Magnum)….at least they’ll be cheap on the lots to make room for the already cancelled Journey (give it about 3 years….if THAT many)…

    It’s sad thay they are ridding the Magnum, because it’s not like the 300C Touring was offered here…

    But Chrysler has a bad habit of getting rid of cars that sell well….they would have been able to sell the Intrepid and Charger side by side….the Intrepid is a larger car!

    They still wouldn’t as redundant as hyundai with (soon to be) 5 different sedan sizes…

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