Chrysler to kill off models

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And there could be as many as 5 models killed off by the end of next month.

Rumors talk about the Crossfire (Always a poor seller), Durango (Huge drop), Commander (DOI).
But they are even talking about the new Sebring!
Which one would you pick ???

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  1. maybe even Chrysler should be put into history too. If they don’t do sth quick about their models

  2. Yeah the Commander needs to go pronto. Crossfire ditto for business sense. I think the Compass should go to for the Jeep brand’s sake.
    Though the Sebring doesn’t look so bad now that Honda has brought out the new Accord.

  3. i was at my chrysler dealer last yea r and saw the crossfire iguess it looks ok for kids but i opened the hood and saw tons of that ugly mercedes logo in there the poor guy told me theat car was actually put together in germany by germans no way

    my buddy and i came back that night and let me tell you this guys doenst work there anymore cheryler should never seelll cars made by these guys it is an insult to anyone who wants a real american car they should get rid of the crossfire asap all others are usa made and really goo d cars my friend hasa apt cruiser which is more for girls and old peole but th at hrht ok bk by th e eay eineken night this week end kkt t at puzzzle

  4. why isn’t chrysler going backto building good big cheap cars??? they need to explore the green eangle or they will fade away…

    same for jeep… the diesel wrangler is a step in the right direction… hopefully it will be sold in the US…

    the crossfire was never a seller… neither the sebring, besides rental car companies and car thieves that really liked it… the 300M is a stepp in the right direction and would have sold a lot better with an interior that would have mirrored the exterior….

  5. Perhaps the headline should read Chrysler Burries the dead. Might just throw them in a hole with Ford/Mercury RIP

  6. I thought they axed the Crossfire in 2006. A few years ago, when Chrysler’s cars looked good but were FWD, I couldn’t wait for them to return to RWD cars, but now they are all so incredibly butt-ugly now I couldn’t care less if Chrysler closed its doors forever. And they can take Ford and Douchebag with em 🙂

  7. Excuse me douchebag, but your post gradually changed to German. If you want to make a comment that people will read, can you please take the extra 2 minutes to clean up your awful typing before you post?

  8. douchebag, isn’t Heineken IMPORTED beer?

    And clean up your spelling. Please. A 7th grader could spell better than you.

  9. Chrysler is making the mistake of making everything for everyone with their brands…..

    Dodge can be the carry-all for the most part….because they can keep their “sport” image even with little Hornets running around.

    I never liked how Chrysler “Plymouthized” itself with bottom of the barrel vehicles and drown them in options that can more than double the price….

    $40,000 for a Sebring Convertible? If I actually had the type of money to spend, it would be on more of a “vehicle”….

    I remember when they were hesitant to bring SUVs to the Dodge and Chrysler brands…..and now it’s the extreme other side.

    And when I first heard of existance of that ugly bahemouth that is the Aspen…..the Biggest Chrysler joke of the Century….THUS FAR! haha

    They need to bring back the Intrepid, 300M, and Concorde……and finally make RWD/AWD versions….

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