Citroen C5 official pictures

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That is one good looking sedan.
I think Europeans will prefer this to the new Mazda6. (Which to me now looks old compared to this)
Great proportions and a really modern interior.

Great job.

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  1. Citroen makes the coolest cars for mainstream drivers. It’s a damn shame that Americans won’t buy french products. I’ll take the Estate in Black please!

  2. Since Russia trade places with the French, as far as world opinion and people not to trust, I would hope
    they import this to the US. It looks so nice inside and out.

  3. Damn it….yet another wagon I fell in love with that I CAN’T have…. 🙁

    Why is it that we don’t get these cars in the US?

  4. oh come on now…….this is pure vintage Audi A6 we’ve seen for years. Nothing new here……albeit handsome, but it’s been done. I’d take the mazda 6 first or just get an A6.

  5. Why can’t Chrysler look at developing cars with Citroen? They seem the perfect partners.
    Both want to do their own thing. Both are well known and have good reputation and both could use each others distribution channels

  6. A very handsome car with cool a wheel design. Rear end makes me think of Lexus GS which isn’t a bad thing. Looks to have a long wheelbase for promising rear seat room. The interior design leaves me cold, especially in that drab color, but maybe other pictures and colors will show it off better. Seats look comfortable and sporty. What’s the price range?

  7. the price in Europe doesn’t mean anything to anyone in the US.
    But it competes with the Passat. While being a bit less expensive.
    That’s usually where the C5 is.

  8. those wheels are unreal for a production car. i think the four-door coupe look has been added here to good effect. and you have to love the concave rear window, no other manufacturer does that. sweet interior, and i bet it has an amazing expressway ride

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  9. maybe a good car, but citroen costs here (Germany) so much as ford, VW , mazda etc … people buy french cars only because they’re cheaper , but the citroen aren’t .. you dont see here many citroens on the street, and in eastern europe, where they aren’t so fanatic in wagons and homebrands ( mazda belongs to ford an has its european centran in leverkusen ! ) people havent the money for such a car an if they have they only buy VW or something japanese … so people wont buy the C5 instead of the new 6 !

  10. Might sound exaggerated, but I’ll declare this to be the most contemporary design of this century I’ve ever seen in a wagon or sedan

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