Even Chubbier nerd checks out the Flex

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I saw one on the street last week. And it looks pretty big in person.

I like it so far. It has that giant Mini Cooper look, and it is much more original than a Minivan and most SUVs.

We’ll see….

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  1. Love the Flex. If Ford markets it properly, and I’m not so sure they will, it could be the next woodie wagon or VW bus. They could offer different enthusiast versions like VW did with the Trek or K2 Golf. The worst thing Ford could do is link up with a rapper-of-the week and add big chromed wheels. I would like them to market this as a youthful vehicle without going ghetto, like Buick is attempting.

  2. Where the heck does Cars.com get their “reporters”? I think it should do well so long as Ford doesn’t water it down for American consumption.

  3. So it’s the return of the County Squire for 2009….with front wheel drive…

    Actually, I lied, it’s just a Freestar with 4 regular doors.

    Country Squire+Freestar = this…

    This is on the same old S80/Taurus/Taurus X/Five Hundred/Sable/Montego/Freestyle platform, is it not?

    But at least the bodystyle is original….original enough to be mistaken as a 4 door FJ Cruiser!

  4. Chubbys? I live in a college town, they are all chubby these days. Lets call them “Average Americans”
    Most don’t have to sit on a phone book like Tom Cruse though…good eats…Now you know why they like big SUVs

  5. Wow,
    The average American reporter looked pretty cramped sitting in the back seat. His legs came past the seat back that was in front of him to the right. So, can an adult really sit comfortably in this 17 foot long replica of a Mini Cooper?

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