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  1. That two-toned interior color helps a lot, but the steering wheel is a bit fussy. Another nice looking set of wheels on the sedan. I’m really liking this car the more I see it.

  2. The steering wheel is probably their fixed hub steering wheel (for precise airbag inflation) i.e. the centre doesn’t move, hence it’s covered in buttons and is quite chunky..

  3. There is a wasted triangular space to the left of the navigation screen that serves absolutely no purpose and is just one of many poor design elements in this ridiculous folly. The C5’s dash is one of the worst overall designs in years. Such a shame in such a beautiful car.

  4. I know..doesn’t that tiny insignificant triangular space just drive you nuts…I just won’t be able to sleep at night…i mean how could they do that…i’ve never heard of anyone wasting triangular spaces in such an outlandish fashion…outrageous…why don’t they just make a curved navigation screen?

    I think the design rocks…really nice classy interior…I’ve seen worse…like on a lot of American cars..and Korean…Australian…German…

    And anyway it’ll either be a piece of triangular plastic or a piece of square plastic…does it matter?

    I’m sorry..that was just one of most stupid comments I’ve ever heard…I think it even rivals d jones…

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