Holden Commodore wagon

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Or “Sportswagon” as they call it.

And it is one good looking wagon that would be great over here as a Pontiac G8 wagon.
I guess it all depends on how the sedan does in the US.
If it turns out to be a big hit, we might actually see this one as well…

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  1. pontiac and gm do not seell english cars hin america
    period this will never be here another boring european box

  2. Slime bag, this is not an English car. It is built by Holden in Australia, freaking hill billy.
    What is hin? fool!!!

  3. That tire/wheel combo must make it ride like sh*t. I can just imagine little junior’s juice box rattling out of its cup holder at the slightest bump.

    But it’s a nice wagon otherwise.

  4. It would be nice to see this wagon here in the USA, however I don’t think it will be for sale here. Money here in the USA I think is still in suv’s and this vehicle will either take sales away from suv’s, or not sell well because the majority of people prefer suv’s. Between that and rising cafe standards, I don’t think it’ll be for sale here. It does look good though. I like it much better than the Magnum wagon which I also think looks good.


  5. ah, its not European, Australian. I believe it has a big chance of coming to NA. All GM would have to do is build it with the G8 parts and logos (mainly the front end which is common between sedan and wagon). Very easy and inexpensive to execute.

  6. I adore it. It would be so nice to be able to buy a GM product again since their quality is now close to Toy & Honda.

  7. There is probably a quota of how many Holden build vehicle imported to the US a year. So if the sedan sell too well, then they ironically may not be able to import the wagon as well.

    Another factor is how well will the CTS wagon sell because GM doesn’t want this to cannibalize the Caddy’s sales. With that this looks like the old 5 Series wagon which is not a bad thing at all.

  8. This would be GREAT to see as a Pontiac! I thought Pontiac in the next few years was to be mostly RWD anyway?

    Pontiac needs no SUV in its lineup………………Leave that to Chevy and GMC.

  9. The way the US dollar is tanking against the Australian dollar you may be lucky to afford the sedan let alone get the wagon.

  10. It will be interesting to see whether or not this and the g8 are significantly delayed due to the weakness of the american dollar. It will be hard for the G8 to be cheap when AUD to US is hovering at 90 cents to one USD

  11. It would be so amazing for GM to sell this stateside. There are so few decent wagons available… in any price range. The Magnum, A6/A4 Avant and the lame duck S60R are the only cool wagons that come to mind. The latest 3 series just looks cheap as a wagon. I think this car would do really well here. I believe that there is going to be a huge demand for the effeciency of wagons as the demand for thirsty SUVs and Minivans shrink.

  12. I would gladly trade my volvo for this wagon – I think it is stunning! I agree with one of the previous posts in that the demand for wagons will grow as the demand for the SUVs shrink. BTW, the europoeans have it right: they have the most wonderful wagons. I noticed that in Switzerland that a large percentage of vehicles sold are wagons. Come on GM; sell us this beautiful wagon. Ford should also sell us the Euro Mondeo wagon – instead we get that awful looking Taurus X thing (which I would never trade my XC70 for). Oh well,..

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